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Street torgovki sell petards which will cripple people

X:KPEvery day24 desemberpetardi. txt2516Οεςΰπδϋ, or as speak in common people, “ bombochki “ became an integral part of New year. For anybody not a secret that illegally trade in these inflammable toys in the markets, in transitions “ grandmothers with sunflower seeds “. However, they at all do not advertise the goods. It basically also it is not necessary, boys well know, at which granny it is possible “ otovaritsja “. A leah to find out easily to buy illegal pyrotechnics in streets of Ufa, we have gone on the Central market.

Torgovok as always has appeared enough. Only me failure here has comprehended: the day before mini - spot-check on the market militiamen have walked and have withdrawn pyrotechnics.

- forgive, the sonny, I not the silly woman to trade in petards. Ten thousand penalty it would not be desirable to pay at all, - the old woman, at which I with a kind " has begun to chatter; very much it is necessary “ Asked to sell petards. - and here our girls sometimes sell. Come later - I will show, where they stand.

to wait “ girls “ time was not. After a half-hour campaign on the market I so also have not bought anything. - and what for to you of a petard? You it is casual not from militia? - The girl trading in a New Year`s tinsel, crackers and Bengal fires has begun to worry. - you it is better here sparks buy, they it is more safe than any fireworks...

definitively having lost hope, I have gathered was to return to edition. And suddenly directly under my feet something babahnulo. “ the Petard! Whence? “ Having looked round, I have seen two patsanenkov which quickly walked with “ scenes “. First children were frightened, having thought that now it hands will unscrew. But a second later Artem and Ruslan have explained, where they have bought “ bombochki “ and at all are not afraid of them to blow up.

The Grandmother in whom boys have specified, persistently refused - a pier, there are no at me petards. But I did not surrender, have told that then I will buy from it Bengal fires and crackers. Torgovka has seen money, heart it has thawed also it has got from a bag packing of petards:

- One packing will suffice? 20 roubles, - has quickly started talking babulja, nervously looking around. Leaving from the market (from park of Jakutova) I have seen that at the girl who trades in curd cakes and chocolates, directly on a counter huge packing of petards lies.

- and after all without the permission like it is impossible to sell? - I have started to interrogate the saleswoman.

- to us give, we sell, 15 roubles a pack. You take or not? - The girl has become nervous.

as it has appeared, illegal pyrotechnics to buy simply, especially to the child.

FROM the FILE ““

Two schoolboys have got into hospital, and detsadovets has gone blind

In the end of the last year two fellows from Tuimazy became victims of petards. It seems that they have not read the instruction on application, and for the sake of an entertainment have thrown the lighted petard in the canister with gasoline. Naturally, combustible liquid has flashed. As a result one of schoolboys has got into hospital with burns of the person.

also last year lighted “ bombochka “ has got into a nursery where has blown up. The scattered parts of a petard have got to an eye of the child.

and here on New Year`s Eve 2001 in Ufa because of fireworks has burnt out three apartments.

Where in Ufa to buy the present fireworks?
Legally to trade in any capital in pyrotechnic products specialised shops, where sell the weapon have the right only.

getting fireworks in such salon, you can be assured that it was stored in appropriate conditions and all goods qualitative. Shops show to buyers - to fans of pyrotechnic products only one requirement: buy New Year`s entertainment you can, if to you 18 years were executed. As to assortment, the Ufa salons meet New year “ fully armed “. For example, the ordinary cracker will manage to you in 16 roubles, for Bengal fires it is necessary to lay out 18 - 20 “ wooden “. The price actually fireworks fluctuates from 200 to 3500 roubles (there are fireworks in a kind heat - birds who flies up on 25 metres in height so much, and the fiery bird of 60 seconds soars).

Shop, the address, business hours, phone
“ the Bear “ street of Machine engineers, 4 (a stop of recreation centre UMPO), everyday life with 10 to 19, days off from 10 o`clock till 17 o`clock, 45 - 81 - 83
“ the Weapon “ street of 50 years of the USSR, 24 (a stop “ Sports “) Daily from 10 o`clock till 19 o`clock (without days off), 32 - 68 - 07
“ the Hunter “ street Nezhinsky, 17 (a stop of Bolnitsa?13), daily ρ10 to 19 (the day off Sunday), 43 - 25 - 70
“ the Hunter - the fisher “ avenues of October, 135 (stop GDK), everyday life from 10 o`clock till 19 o`clock, Saturday with 10 to 17, Sunday from 10 o`clock till 15 o`clock, 31 - 52 - 16


Daily the markets and shops of Ufa patrol 48 mobile groups. From the beginning of operation guards have withdrawn already more than 70 thousand counterfeit petards and fireworks.