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Ladders for climbers

the Steps connecting microdistricts, located on hills, with continent in Vladivostok, have turned in the Roller coaster .

all the summer long and autumn townspeople broke heels and podvorachivali feet on break ladders of Vladivostok. To pass them it is difficult, and at times and it is impossible from - for specificity of a relief of the regional centre. And what will begin, when there will come the present colds yes snow will drop out?

To the house 21 on Pushkin a time to go down on all fours.

Along the street Pushkin, in area DVGTU, it is pleasant to walk on foot. But here to inhabitants voronih slobodok, stuck to a slope over road, it is hard to support the pedestrian communication with an external world. Around the house 21 to a private sector the ferro-concrete short flight of stairs which was showered by places from an old age to a status of antique ruins conducts. The uppermost site - wooden. On some sites there is no handrail completely, on others - poles threateningly were lop-sided. Heaven forbid to slip here on the iced over steps - bones you will not collect.

on street Vsevoloda Sibirtseva with Pushkin conduct the rests of a ladder which begins lifting at the house 25. On its both parties old houses are restricted. In the beginning of it The escalator concrete steps are fallen simply down by a heap, as logs. A handrail, naturally, no. To rise on this ladder, is not out of place preliminary to take lessons from the equilibrist or to have a balance innate sense, as at a monkey. Approximately on the lifting middle - a platform where there is a private house and garage. The local resident who was called as Kolej, warmed up the car. On a question as you here go in the winter, 50 - the summer man obrechenno waves a hand:
- Yes anybody here does not go for a long time. There is a path more shortly, now will show.

Nikolay brings to breakage in which walkers have worn something reminded an attraction trench the Roller coaster . Here precisely to go down really only on own buttocks. The native of Vladivostok nostalgicheski remembers times when all court yard have been paved still by a pre-revolutionary cobble-stone. And the truth, separate fragments of equal roundish stones were saved by places.

For students a ladder on Pushkin, 25 - something like a training apparatus.

- Meters in 10 from this ladder was another - reliable, from a strong stone. Yes in the beginning 90 - h years when poper at us wild capitalism, rich the mansion has constructed on it. And that the people did not act, for a bottle have employed hard workers. They and nakidali these, if one may say so, steps. As it have paid, so muzhiks and have constructed.

in parallel labour exchange the long ladder goes down from street Vsevoloda Sibirtseva on Pushkin. On extent it can be compared with Potemkinsky, but only not on a technical status. The worker ljud and the unemployed bypass the steps ruined in the middle of a ladder which have been eternally filled in with water. And here the top flight where the metal armature sticks out of concrete scattered in ashes to bypass is problematic. If only on an earthen slope to roll down that the children and do in the snow winters, having saddled school backpacks.

the official comment

Anatoly FUTIN, the chief of administration managerial control on Lenin area:

- Plans on an accomplishment are made in the beginning of year. And whatever strong was our desire to put all ladders in order, to make more than that, on what financing, we not in forces is allocated. This year we have finished a ladder about school 64. It has managed to the budget approximately in 120 thousand roubles. One ladder march can cost from 4,5 thousand rubles. Installation of flights, especially more expensively manages if it is connected with excavations, leerov protections. The average price of a ladder as a result - 40 - 60 thousand roubles.

the Action !

We begin begins the new action - Ladders for climbers .

By means of our readers we will reveal the most dangerous goat tracks to which have turned there is no time convenient steps. The enterprises which undertake reduction of ladders in an order can apply for a title of the winner. Award - the sincere story on newspaper pages about collective where sincere persons, and their photo work so. Vladivostoktsy learn the heroes. Or antiheroes. Tell where in our city no wonder to break a foot. A leah you achieved repair or building of a path from steps? What from this it has turned out?

the messages pass by phones: 45 - 13 - 93 or 45 - 57 - 68 . Also it is possible to send the information on electronic mail: or leave your comment to this article.

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