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The Chairman of Gosstroy Nikolay Koshman will not be three days winter of hot water

examined water fences and water basins of the south of Primorski Krai. Not everything on what it informed, has proved to be true.

the Head of Gosstroy has not seen neither dead fish at the bottom of reservoirs, nor turns behind water, has not found additional water sources, but has assured that water will suffice till May inclusive .

the Commission worked in Vladivostok three days. Today the situation on water supply will be reported to the chairman of the government. Experts of Gosstroy have decided that the city this year will do without some hot water - at the best it will give after the cold season termination.

but cold water should be much. However, neither the governor, nor the mayor, Koshman have not specified, when in cranes, let even cold water, will murmur constantly. On Monday cranes were on - former are dry.

The Chairman of Gosstroy has disposed, that the city authorities actively repaired water waters and eliminated leaks. Koshman has announced definitive volume of leaks - 35 percent. Chinks will be burit to the discretion of mayor Kopylov, but under strict control sanepidnadzora.

building of three independent sources - the Shkotovsky water fence, Shtykovsky and Razdolnensky (Pushkin depression) Simultaneously will begin.

Governor Darkin has told that half of cost of building vodovodov will pay from regional and city budgets, and other money will seek elsewhere - loans, investors, the federal budget. Not the fact that second half of means will give the federal budget. Nikolay Koshman has not mentioned a word about assignment by the Center.

the first water from the Shtykovsky water fence should arrive on December, 1st. Other sources will start to feed a city in the middle of the next year. It is decided that to Vladivostok will arrive every day 250 thousand cubic metre of water (before was 380 thousand), in Artem - 28 thousand cubic metre (before - 40 thousand). With such restrictions, by Koshman`s calculations, waters will suffice till the end of May, and snow there will start to thaw and I will go rains.