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In a refuse chute have found out the live baby to which there were 3 hours from a sort

the Newborn boy hardly Grizodubovoj in Vladivostok has not frozen in a house refuse chute 67 along the street.

Have found the kid casually. On Sunday about 16 hours, having finished cleaning, Oksana Kalinicheva left to a refuse chute on the third floor to throw out garbage. Has dumped packages, and was already going to depart, as has suddenly heard the sounds similar to weak crying of the baby. Oksana at most has a child, to which only two and a half a year so yet has not forgotten as the newborn cries. But all the same has not believed. It closed and again has opened the refuse chute hatch, was not convinced yet what exactly there cries the child.

on the ground floor, to the garbage chamber, parents Oksana Olga Andreevna and Alexander Ivanovich have gone. Still hoped that it someone has thrown out newborn kittens or puppies. But on a heap of a waste the black polyethylene package strong fastened on two sites and publishing plaintive children`s crying lay. When Alexander Ivanovich has broken off a package, they with the wife have seen a blood-stained little body of the baby with a long umbilical cord.

called fast has arrived in 15 minutes. And before the family of Kalinichevyh as could, assisted the newborn. At first Oksana itself shivering hands has tied up and cut off an umbilical cord, has covered all zelenkoj, has then wrapped the kid in a warm terry towel and a blanket.

- I look, such pretty boy, chernenky, krepenky, and legs and handles have already turned blue from a cold. I have pressed it to myself, began to swing, he has started the cam to suck and has calmed down, - Oksana tells.

fast has there and then taken away the newborn in children`s city hospital. As it has appeared, the kid was born donoshennym, weight - 4100. As doctors consider, at that point in time, when it have found out, to it of all - that was three hours from a sort. The autumn cold has made the business - at the kid a pneumonia. But, as has assured the main pediatrist of Vladivostok Lyudmila Trenina, at this athlete is every chance to recover:

- In spite of the fact that it obviously not desired child, at it is enough forces to struggle for life. Also it is a good sign.

next day the Saviors of the kid have called in branch of a pathology of newborns to consult about a status of the boy.

- wanted to bring to it though a pack of pampers, to look at it, - Oksana speaks. - we if it is fair, to it already have thought up a name and a surname: Dimka Sagittariuses. The name it will approach it, and a surname such because was born on November, 23rd, in the first day of a zodiac sign on Sagittariuses.

for now the anonymous boy is nursed by doctors, the militia of May Day area searches for the woman who has thrown out the child, as unnecessary stuff.

Sergey`s popova photo.