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Since November, 24th in Vladivostok the uniform dispatching service on duty 01

Since Monday by phone 01 any inhabitant of Primorski Krai operates can contact the dispatcher of uniform service on duty. In its conducting fire-prevention protection and rescuers.

As has explained a press - the secretary of management GO and CHS Alexander Bavykin , in case of danger - a fire, collision of the cars, the slammed door, the broken off battery - it is possible to call by one phone - 01. Besides, the duty of this service includes control over moving of dangerous cargoes on territory of edge and work especially dangerous undertakings in Ussuriisk, Arteme and the Find.

at the same time habitual emergency phones 02 and 03 continue to work in a usual mode.

as in a press - to service has explained that while EDDS passes obkatku . The dispatcher, except the direct work, collects the data, on what questions as people often call. In full the service will start to work on December, 1st this year.

we have called by phone 01 in the first day of work EDDS. As to us the dispatcher by 14 o`clock still any primorets has told was not converted to them as to uniform service. Everything calling under habitual number 01, the help of firemen was required. That by this phone it is possible to ask other help, people yet do not know.