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« the Morning star » it was lighted in Vladivostok

past Saturday in the All-Russia children`s centre Ocean regional competition - TV program festival " has taken place; the Morning star .

On coast of the Ussuriisk gulf of to show and at others to look there have arrived young masters of a song and dancing from cities of Primorski Krai, the Irkutsk region and Republic Tuva.

a competition overall objective - search of young talents for popular TV program the Morning star . For this purpose to Vladivostok the leader of competition the national actor of the Russian Federation Yury Nikolays has specially arrived.

the future variety asterisks for performance in Ocean the competent commission from Moscow together with Elena Frolovoj, the art director of television competition " selected; the Pearl of Primorski Krai . According to Elena Ivanovny, selection of participants passed on - stahanovski .

- The Program have generated for a week. On Wednesday it was not known, who with what number leaves a scene. But on competition the best collectives have got, and all has passed very well. All of them were in due time winners Pearls of Primorski Krai and other regional competitions.

to skill of our young talents the permanent leader " has marvelled also; the Morning star . And it - that has seen many stars and asterisks on the century.

the city our at competition was represented by dancing collectives: the Whirlwind Spirit the Apple the Edelweiss Alisa the Enchanting spectacle the Tree vocal ensemble Assol vocalists Vasily Ponomarev, Lyudmila Alekseenko, Ekaterina Kulneva, Sofia Shishikina, Julia Beskrovnaja, Alexander Kuzina, Vladislav Misnik and Roman Lapuhov.

Ensemble Pljasitsa from a city of Baikalsk.

From settlement the East has arrived vocal ensemble Naughty little girls from the Big Stone - singer Marina Umedova, from Dalnegorsk - Julia Shish, from Ussuriisk - Darya Botchkarev. artem represented a children`s home trio.

Meanwhile participation and even victory on a scene Ocean it yet a guarantee on a trip to Moscow. All program was filmed, and last word behind the Moscow jury.

- I am sincerely surprised by high level of your children, - emotional Yury Aleksandrovich admitted later. - In an ideal I would like to remove completely the program in Vladivostok. But it would be unfair in relation to other regions.

on record of each release of TV program to capital come to 800 children from Russia and the CIS countries. At all desire how they were talented, Nikolaev cannot pay their journey and hostel. Once, truth, on the program there has arrived collective from Ukraine, and in pockets at young actors only karbovantsy. It was necessary to Yury Aleksandrovichu to take their maintenance on itself. It has appeared that karbovantsy in Moscow are necessary to nobody.

by the way, in a lexicon of Nikolaev there are no type expressions you are better or you are worse . He is convinced that all children endowed. Therefore it does not have favourites. But in Ocean the leader the Morning star all - taki has broken the principles. To universal surprise, he has asked the seven-year performer of chastooshkas Sofia to Shishkin, the most young participant of competition, to sing a song encore. Spectators greeted its desire an applause.

Saying goodbye, Yury Nikolays has promised to return with the Morning star in Primorski Krai once again. But when - it is not known. At it very intense schedule. On November, 24th the Morning star it is lighted in Sochi.

a blitz - interview to the participant of competition by Sofia Shishkinoj, the schoolgirl 2 - go a class 42 - j schools of Vladivostok.

- Why you sing chastooshkas, instead of, for example, romances?

- Are pleasant. I sing since two years.

- what songs you listen to houses?

- Any! I only look animated cartoons or I go to school. I very much like physical culture.

- and you know group Mummies the Troll ? It from Vladivostok.

- Mummies the Troll ? I do not have on them time.

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