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Your right to free treatment and the information about health

Consultation of experts in reception of the medical policy and results of medical inspection.

Where to receive the medical policy?

I am registered in Arteme, and I work in Vladivostok. In polyclinic in a residence to me have told that the policy of obligatory medical insurance should give out on work. And on work declare that the medical policy is made out there where you live. Where to me to be converted?

Larissa Golubeva.

to you follows to finish the heads. As have explained in Federal fund of obligatory medical insurance (FFOMS), under the law the employer is the insurer of the citizens working under the labour contract. Therefore he is obliged to bring insurance payments (they are monthly deducted from your salary) for the workers and to make out it policies of obligatory medical insurance.

To work on uncompromising the heads, experts FFOMS recommend to write to administration (firm) the application for medical policy delivery referring to Law item 2 About medical insurance of citizens in the Russian Federation (from it it is necessary to provide a duty of the employer the workers with policies).

If will not help, complain in funds of obligatory medical insurance of those regions where work and live (recently in fomsah departments of protection of the rights of citizens) actively work.

By the way, policy delivery in a work place at all does not mean that you will attach for medical aid reception to polyclinic near to the native enterprise. By the general rule, citizens are attributed to medical institutions in a residence. Transition in polyclinic of other area (or even region) is possible as agreed with the insurance company specified in your policy.

What to do if the gynecologist has refused to give out results of analyses?

To me of 16 years. After planned survey the gynecologist from teenage polyclinic has refused to yield and more to me to several schoolmates results of analyses. A pier, business serious and we minors. Having chided, has told, that came with parents, and we would like it. A leah has the doctor on this right? The oculist and the stomatologist, for example, have given out results without everyones PTA meetings .


In this case the conservative doctor has broken item 21 of Bases of the legislation of the Russian Federation about health protection of citizens. This document obliges the medical worker to inform the patient is more senior 15 years (even if it and not full age) available information on a state of his health.

at will of the patient the doctor should tell to it about the following:

- results of inspection;
- about disease presence, its diagnosis and the forecast;
- about methods of treatment, possible risks;
- about available variants of medical intervention, their consequences;
- about results of the spent treatment.

the Same article forbids to give someone the information containing in medical documents, without the consent of the patient.

so any PTA meetings without your desire the gynecologist cannot spend. Also the doctor has no right to hide from you the diagnosis, what adverse or indecent it was.