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In Vladivostok to a star of Russian chanson asked for number... To be washed

Yesterday at us on the Direct line there was a well-known singer and composer Alexander Kaljanov.

More than hour our readers tortured by phone a star of Russian chanson. Them all interested literally - from marital status of the actor to its favourite spirits. Sometimes Kaljanovu set rather immodest questions. For example, a leah is at it in the room of the hotel water? And a leah it is possible to be washed at it?

Zv. - Hallo, the Direct line ? Hello, Alexander! Tell, Hookahs is your real name?

- For 100 percent! My father Kaljanov, grandfather Kaljanov and the great-grandfather too. From it our surname also has gone. As far as I know, the great-grandfather wared against Turks, in the war for the first time kurnul a hookah, this entertainment it was pleasant to it, and it has brought it to village. And it have there and then nicknamed the Hookah. And then to a nickname the termination - ov was added. Hookahs, by the way, very rare surname. For all life I have met one or two namesakes.

Zv. - Good afternoon, Alexander! Whom did you dream to become in the childhood? And how became the musician?

- In the childhood I dreamt to become, certainly, the cosmonaut. (Alexander infectiously laughs.) When Yury Gagarin has departed, I still was the boy. And I too would like in space. And I am engaged in music too since the childhood. The father has bought to me a guitar when to me was years six. And I on the sly on it brenkal, tried to sing. Has then started to sing in school chorus, then there was an institute, Vysotsky`s songs and so on.

Zv. - Alexander, hello! My name is Elena. Why you to us so long did not come?

- Perhaps, because it is far. I at you was not years 8 or 10. Though Vladivostok very much I love. At me about it the most pleasant memoirs. In America in this time I was time 12 if it is no more. But it depends not on me, and from those who is engaged in tours.

- and where you have stopped?

- In hostel, I do not remember its name, and number windows leave on a gulf. I have tried to open a window, and me nearly have not blown off. Both water, by the way, is also cold, and hot. And in a city, I know, a problem with water. But I hope that she as - that will dare. To leave such perfect city waterless, on - to mine, this crime.

it is good that you do not remember the hostel name! And that admirers in turn would be built to you in number to be washed.

- So you now all chumazenkie go? I have not noticed something. And on a broader scale, it is necessary to concern all with humour. But when I have a water, and at you is not present, the humour turns out one-sided.

- and it is possible to come to be washed to you?

But Alexander Kaljanov has not had time to respond. Communication has broken.

continuation the Direct line with Alexander Kaljanovym read in to the fatty on November, 28th.

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