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60 thousand roubles for a trip to Khabarovsk and back

This sum will be received by the winner of automobile race Vladivostok - Khabarovsk - Vladivostok arrived the first and not broken traffic regulations.

Automobile race the M Line - 60 starts on Saturday, on November, 29th . In 9. 30 participants of races gather on a central square of Vladivostok, whence are put forward stele on departure from a city where signal to start will be given. If will do without incidents to evening of the same day racers will be already in Khabarovsk. In capital of the edge next to Primorski Krai they spend the night, and next day come back to Vladivostok.

in total the participant of automobile race it is necessary to overcome nearby 1600 kilometres . The M line - 60 on which will take place an automobile race route, is far from an ideal. Here cars daily fight - the quantity of road accident has sharply increased after recently dropped out snow. For this reason organizers of the action have led rigid selection among interested persons to participate in competition. Applied about 70 crews, and have been admitted only 13. The technical status of the car, knowledge by participants of traffic regulations, the driver`s experience not less and obligatory presence of the autoinsurance were considered than five years.

the main task of participants of automobile race - not simply fastest to drive to Khabarovsk and back, and to make it without infringement of traffic regulations . Police officers will supervise racers. Quantity of fasts of traffic police, by the way, for the period of competitions will increase twice. If the crew for any infringement is stopped by employees of GAI it is automatically excluded from the list of participants. To return to Vladivostok participants plan on Sunday evening. Those who finishes the first, wins the main prize - 60 thousand roubles.

by the way, among 26 racers - two female crews. Lyudmila Atrashok and > Elena Koval will struggle for a gratuity on Toyota Platz , and Victoria Nedelnjuk and Svetlana Malov - on Honda Capa . All women - drivers consider that are able to operate the car not worse a strong half of mankind. Here on Sunday also we will look, a leah so it...