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Fanatki took storm edition « and Dimu Bilan

three hours prior to a concert it has visited on the Direct line in to Admit, very long ago in our edition there was no such agiotage.

the Popular singer Dima Bilan in capital of Primorski Krai has arrived from pervoprestolnoj. Vladivostok - the first point of its Far East tour. Three hours prior to show the executor of a teenage hit the Night hooligan has visited on the Direct line in phones were heated long before the phenomenon of Dimy in our walls. Shortly strizhennaja the star has arrived almost in time, apparelled in easy kosuhu, jeans and krossovki. And in the street a minus 12.

- Even on need it would not be desirable to leave the car, - Bilan infectiously laughs.

during time the Direct line in edition the group fanatok with " has become hollow; gifts for darling Dimochki . Bilan has accepted gifts willingly, truth to brag of them did not become, and without having pulled out them from a paper package. Therefore for us remains secret what exactly was laid up by girls for Dimy. By way of gratuity the singer was immortalised with venerators of the talent on a photo and generously distributed embraces and kisses. Little girls thawed with happiness.

according to the singer, similar happens in any city where it goes on tour. He has got used to such displays of feelings. For a star as what he considers itself(himself), it is norm.

Dima has not had time to notice delights of Vladivostok. And to try our well-known seafood too. In - the first, time for acquaintance to capital of Primorski Krai at it was not. Its unique day of abiding in our city has been literally painted on hours. In - the second, in meal it nepriveredliv. As he admitted: I eat everything that is counter-indicative .

By the way, moving across Vladivostok by the car, the singer has marked behind itself a tail from several foreign cars, under an outset hammered by fans with colours. Car Dimy stopped, persecutors braked also. But to leave a car of the girl why - that and have not dared.

- and in vain! We lovely would chat with them. I very much love the cheerful companies, especially where it is a lot of little girls, - regretted the night hooligan naigranno posing before an objective.

by the way, on the Direct line exclusively girls from 13 till 18 years too called. More often they were interested in sexual predilections of the substitute. Some spoke to it in love, read verses, and one fan even has invited in a sauna. The most popular questions the Direct line : you Could undress before public? and the most unusual place where you had sex? .

In the Evening of the same day, after anshlagovogo a concert, the substitute of the Russian girls has gone to Khabarovsk.

a photo of the author.

Rasskaz Dimy Bilan about the most unusual place where he had sex, and its answers to other questions of our readers called and written on the Direct line read in the nearest numbers