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Primortsy prefer « dollars »

has interviewed among banks of Primorski Krai, citizens prefer to store money in what currency.

Rouble, a dollar or euro? Three basic currencies in which citizens prefer to save savings. In what of them for today most favourably, with percent and without risk for back-breaking toil of the acquired capital to hold money?

the head of department of retail services of Far East bank Ruslan the BIRCH on our question, in what currency clients of their bank prefer to do contributions, has responded so:

- In spite of the fact that the dollar for today gives, downloadings of contributions from one currency in another is not observed. Basically people store contributions in roubles or dollars.

a parity approximately 50 on 50. In euro hold money approximately percent of 10 clients of Far East bank. If to speak about the nearest forecasts, a situation now the ambiguous. There has come a latent period. One I can tell: will not be mistaken, if will hold money in euro. At least, in the European Union there is a stability.

Julia SAMSONOV, the deputy chief of department on work with legal bodies of Primsotsbanka , has noted the following tendency among investors:

- At people now the soul lays down on roubles. In roubles percent on contributions above. And at dollar of growth is not present. By the way, now we had a rouble contribution Anniversary for 150 days under 14 annual interest rates. Very favourable offer for our clients. But those clients at whom the big currency contributions, prefer money not to change.

In Impeksbank Elena IVASHCHUK, the bookkeeper on work with physical persons , has told to us that their clients prefer dollar contributions.

- who has dollars, they are not changed. In euro holds money very small percent of investors. If to compare in figures the picture turns out following: for today volume of currency contributions in 6 times more, than rouble. From the beginning of 2003 the quantity of the first, accordingly, has increased in 2 times, the second in 1,4 times.

Apparently, the Russian people in the majority still believe more dollar. The course green falls or is at a stop, but the American rouble in a course at our compatriots. Nobody hurries to change the currency savings for domestic money or to convert them into euro. The most hypochondriac hold money 50 on 50, in euro and dollars.

the comment of stockbrokers

the stablest currency - yen

We have contacted an analyst of one of the authoritative financial centres in world FOREX club.

Andrey TEREKHOV on our request to give the forecast for the near future has responded the following:

- it is surprising that inhabitants of Primorski Krai do not pay attention to yen. For last 4 years as shows the analysis, it is the stablest currency. And the next year this forecast is saved. In Japan there are reforms, to economy of this country a great interest from world investors. As to dollar changes, most likely, will be not so great. Though nothing can be excluded.