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Terms of an exchange of the Soviet passports on the Russian have not changed

With registration Russian pasportiny it is necessary to hurry, and here to receive the international passport it is possible without problems.

Conversations on prolongation of terms of an exchange of the Soviet passports on Russian meanwhile remain at level of hearings. Olga BUTORINA, the deputy chief of department passport - visa service , has informed the correspondent that any supervising documents in this respect PVS Primorski Territory did not receive. And so, period of validity red-skinned pasportiny, decorated with a sickle and a hammer, will expire on December, 31st, 2003.

but for interested persons to leave for some time the Russian open spaces there was an unintentional pleasure. In edge 23 thousand forms of international passports have arrived. On the average 7 thousand primortsev monthly correct to itself the document, allowing to cross border. And the sent forms would suffice for 3 months and more if the debt under those not given out passports who has made all papers for this purpose for last 2 months has not collected.

vain there was also a panic about an establishment of a quota to Primorski Krai on registration of permissions to time residing in number of 500. Such permissions are necessary to foreign citizens and persons without citizenship which plan to receive residence permit, and further the Russian citizenship. It has appeared that for 2004 the number of people which can issue these permissions, even will increase. In 2003 PVS had the right to issue 300 documents for not ours citizens. In practice their number has made nearby 50. The quota on import of foreign labour has not changed. According to the deputy chief of department on affairs of migration of the Department of Internal Affairs of personal computer Taisii Rozhansky, next year on - former to us can arrive to 15 thousand guest workers.