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The next selection of letters of our readers

stirs Them as to receive the wedding insurance issued before reorganisation, where to be washed, and how to rescue street from the gone too far businessmen and as they give thanks for the help under repair to roofs.

the Monetary question

There is a chance to receive insurance

your newspaper read only in library. It is everything that remains good from our antecedents. I am a pensioner from Sakhalin, me two questions interest.

the first. When - that I paid the wedding insurance on the son. Now to it 24 years. When there was a payment term, was converted into insurance agency, there at me have accepted the policy and have promised to transfer money on sberknizhku, but... There was a reorganisation, and now I do not have anything, except sheets with records of the sums which at me calculated months.

A leah I Can bring an action against a management of insurance agency if it in our settlement already is not present? Or the validity of this insurance remained in the past?

the second. I have earned in settlement pension and privileges as the medical worker on heat and illumination. There are confirming documents, but the administration refuses to give privileges on electric power payment. I have worked 27 years in countryside, privileges to us always paid, and means as - that sufficed. But now I 12 years on pensions, tariffs have grown, the husband is sick, catastrophically there is no money. A leah

I through court can force administration to pay money due to me?

yours faithfully N. M.Gumalevsky, settlement the East Poronajsky r - on the Sakhalin region.

From edition.

Concerning the insurance to you, Nina Mihajlovna, it is necessary to be converted into department of compensatory payments of the insurance company Rosgosstrakh - the Far East in a residence.

as have explained to us in the insurance company, you have every chance on reception of the saved up payments. And here for privileges it is necessary to be overcome in court.

Bannyj day

To be washed!

Dear edition!. More than three years inhabitants of two houses of Vladivostok along the street Safonova, 14 and 16 correspond with a city administration, in particular with the mayor of Vladivostok Ju. M.Kopylov upon that on the top floors of these houses there is no hot water. Some tens families have no possibility to use hot water from - that it simply does not reach the top floors of the above-stated houses.

At first according to the answer of the mayoralty of Vladivostok 2502/ 2128 from 6. 07. 2000 hot water supply should be switched to a boiler room In - 22, located on street Safonova, 26. Anything it it has not been made. It has been informed further that works on restoration of hot water supply are included in the first stage of the complex program for 2001. It too has not been executed. 24. 01. 2002 to me it has been informed that hot water supply will be carried out through a water heater on Safonova, 11. Alas, and it is not made. Correspondence lasts since summer of 2000, and hot water on Safonova 14 and 16 both was not, and is not present till now.

P.V.Sakovsky, Vladivostok.

Cry from the heart

Rescue street!

Hello, dear edition! I write to you on behalf of inhabitants of street of Rudnev. Now our street buy up in parts. At first the unknown businessman has redeemed the former kindergarten - a three-storyed building. Now it has snipped off a carriageway along this house. Instead of the good asphalted road we have received an embankment from shchebenki which after the first rains has washed away. Now on it not only to go, but also it is impossible to go. From - for this eternal buildings we sit that waterless, without light. And in metre from windows of the nearest house opens surprising a landscape - a metal fence.

houses on Rudnev were under construction for workers of factory. In due time this street have nicknamed a death valley from - for an eternal smog. Therefore we, as can, we try to save green sites which our park concerns also. It remained from when - that of a general summer residence standing here. In this park inhabitants have a rest families, dog lovers Walk the pupils, children build hammocks in the summer, go for a drive on a sledge in the winter. The park always ministered to us a rest zone. And so, this park too have leased. Workers have explained to us that building of a children`s improving complex here is planned. But what improving centre can be constructed two steps away from butoshchebenochnogo factory? Park will simply cut down. On all our references we have received one answer: Not your business .

Yours faithfully Olesya, Vladivostok.

From edition.

with our inquiry we direct This letter to city architecture management.

Coming back to printed

Thanks to us have repaired a roof

on September, 26th, 2003 in The letter of our old reader N. V.Zhukovoj from has been published with. Vladimiro - Petrovka Hankajsky area. It has told about the heavy life - byte: itself the invalid, the tiny salary of the husband - a rare feast. In a hard-working family - three daughters, one of which it is seriously sick. Money and for a trip to regional hospital, and on gathering in school are necessary. And here still the verandah roof prohudilas to repair it there is nothing and no trouble. Winter is at hand, and to heat there is nothing. In a word - the despair letter when already there is no place to go and you do not know what to do.

thanks all who did not remain indifferent, having read this letter. Our readers have shared, than could. We have passed the author of the message three packages with things. The clothes will be very opportunely by the winter. As Natalia Vasilevna has told to us, after the publication the chairman of agricultural co-operative society has helped to repair a verandah. And still Natalia Vasilevna has shared pleasure - on November, 15th her oldest daughter marries. Well here (fie - fie not to maleficiate) life, apparently, is on the sly adjusted!

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