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« My son has left iztovmi after a beating »

After has told about murder of Zahara Grudeva, second-year student TOVMI, to us parents of the former pupils of this institute were converted.

the father of one of cadets At first has called:

- In your material a lot of held back. You write that big brother Zahara has left from TOVMI. And why? I can tell. Because this commonplace for institute, there constantly beat cadets of the first, second courses. At me at most there the son studied, the normal, good fellow. And has then left. Has told that cannot suffer mockery any more. He at me the sportsman, the strong trained guy, therefore directly has warned me: Or I will kill somebody and then I will sit down, or I take away documents .

We have suggested the father of this guy to meet. It has appeared that the reader calling to us - the military man. The son since the childhood of veins with parents in various garrisons, military life was well familiar to it.

- but what Andrey (under their request we have changed a name of the young man and his father) has faced in TOVMI, is a complete outrage. It, by the way, has entered this institute in 2002 the same as and the lost guy. The matter is that on 1 - 2 - m courses appoint the foreman from among undergraduates. And those begin to nurture children: beat, scoff. Younger officers practically do not pay attention to complaints of first-year students. At them such position in the present state of affairs: Us had, and we will have . They after all have passed the same school, those who has not thrown TOVMI on the first courses, - Sergey Andreevich has told.

It, the professional military man, now even is happy that his son has taken off the uniform and studies in civil high school. There it became again similar to itself(himself).

- And during study in TOVMI was any badgered, closed. At first Andrey tried to struggle with a lawlessness, a beating. It was converted with the complaint to commanders, for any time it have lagged behind, but then all has begun with new force. It declared so-called red. Began to poison...

- there know how to beat. Bruises practically does not remain. Beat in podvzdoshe. Even doctors how much time spoke to them: you that, suki, do, you will kill somebody . So it also has turned out... And how much children lay time and again in hospital, on a broader scale nobody knows about it, - continued the story Sergey Andreevich.

Andrey`s Father has brought to us a copy of the letter addressed to chief TOVMI vitse - admiral Evgenie Litvinenko . Here only some endurances from it:
... Foremen did the part: The son keeps watch in a bunk room at night, acts in film from the dress, for any trifle the decision of the commander of branch, at all its direct chief in the morning, without the permission of the person on duty on institute is there and then appointed in the dress again. I will not describe refinement of methods of education from foremen, but for month of study and service they have at all beaten off at it (son) desire to be in institute walls... finally to Andrey have arranged mordoboj directly before all company.

- Children, that is more sensible and well learn, try to leave this institute. But after all there it is a lot of fellows from edge. For families where practically there is no money, it is possibility to attach children on full state maintenance - there them dress, put, feed. Therefore cadets also suffer mockeries, to disappear with it there is no place, - Andrey`s father has shared with us.

Next day after our conversation in Victor has called (the name too is changed, co-ordinates are in edition) . Its friend, too the military man, has sent to study in TOVMI the son. And for Victor has asked to look for the fellow. Already at the first year it too has faced a beating and mockeries. Only after intervention of the friend of the father which personally went to management TOVMI, the guy have left alone.

- he to me told that one of foremen has hammered in the cadet before spleen rupture. That then komissovali through illness, - was told by Victor.


We have contacted management TOVMI and have asked to comment on calls of our readers. At first reaction at military men was unequivocal: all told by our readers - a lie, complain the guys deducted for behaviour and their parents. However later, already on the eve of an exit of this publication, the deputy chief of institute on educational work has agreed to meet our correspondent. About our conversation with it read in the nearest numbers .