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The blind lawyer has learnt to see people heart

On the life Andrey goes blindly, but friends name its sun.

Sometimes even at the strongest and assured hands fall, life seems unfair and useless. Someone gets out then again upward and further bears the burden, it is very difficult to someone to make it most. And then another`s example helps to find forces to live further.

to Deceive destiny

to Andrey 34 years. The tragedy, absolutely casual in which nobody is guilty, has happened with it without small 30 years ago. The five years` boy with the same small friend have found an ownerless shell. It has blown up, and children have lost sight. For ever. Still yesterday they looked at the sun, together drove neighbour`s dogs, and tomorrow already all black, is very sick also it is visible nothing. Able to see Andrey remembers the world only till 5 years. Then he long learnt to learn all on - to another. On hearing, fingers, heart.

parents, mum the mathematics teacher, and the father, the miner, years ten carried the son on all country, trying to restore sight. To them said that the hope is. But after many operations he and did not begin to see again.

we sit we stir at Andrey`s office. At it the legal office, the beauty the wife, two sons from the first marriage, two cats, Platon`s recently re-read book. And it is a lot of verses of own composition. To the blind lawyer clients constantly call, he tries to find for them a window on a meeting.

how much efforts were necessary to put to become those who it is today, Anndrej prefers not to tell. It is natural that one natural abilities to the blind boy would be a little. Rescued obstinacy, friends, sense of humour. At university Andrey was engaged in commerce, went to Moscow behind consumer goods and sold in Vladivostok. It was especially heavy, when there were no parents.

- But then I already had a family, probably, it and rescued, - Andrey remembers.

the main thing - not to be the boring invalid

- Andryushka, you as the light sun, - pulled out it on a head mum of the girlfriend on a family feast, - You to all of us shine, and from you warmly.

I know this person some years. For a long time wanted to write, but always something stopped. Probably, fear that suddenly I will choose not that tone, I will ask a wrong question... This time we have decided to try with it. To make so that hard destiny of this blind guy became for someone a small ray of hope.

- you know, people able to see speak about my successes with pleasure. I understand, why, partly, it occurs. It as about telling a parrot to tell. Get acquainted, here there is such remarkable guy Andrey, he sees nothing, but in life has achieved much, - Andrey frankly admitted.

He does not love, when him feel sorry. Never allowed to conceive itself as the invalid. Though it is pure on - chelovecheski this normal feeling, and, probably, he would not need to take offence at it.

I lived in area where the society of the blind settles down. Therefore in neighbouring houses there were many blind families. Schoolboys very often sent on summer practice to help. For us, children, the blind person was a riddle, to us it was not clear, how he can live in the dark, cook food, move along the street, work, react to a situation. To us it was curious, a leah learns the mistress that we have badly touched buckwheat cereal for a dinner, have carelessly wiped a table.

probably, already got used to tricks of children, they with suspicion concerned such assistants. They did not believe us, we observed of them. These are memoirs from the childhood. And still I know one blind pair. These elderly spouses every day almost at the same time already throughout many years walk on small avenue. There - here. It so touchingly supports the wife for an elbow, in other hand a cane. It too with a stick. I do not know, a leah they saw when - nibud each other...

probably, Andrey is partly right. Such attention to it from - for that tragedy. Be it absolutely usual person who knows how it would turn out. But he can just prompt to another where to find forces, to learn to live adequately. To find favourite, will not become embittered on everything, not to become suspicious?

- I very much am afraid to be boring and boring for others. The main thing to be interesting to other person. Not pity it to call, and sensation of the worthy rival, the interlocutor, the partner, - Andrey tries to deduce the formula, a principle of the life.

women, children, verses and cats

His life boring you will not name, though shoot. School with a gold medal. Then faculty of law DVGU. It has ended it with one four. At the first year he already has had time to marry for the first time. Married the schoolmate. Two sons - stair-steppers were born. A vein a young family in univerovskoj to a hostel. Then they have left the wife. Here at university Andrey has met new love.

- we have lodged in a female room in a hostel. Little girls - neigbours like would be not against. In such petticoat government I was about one year, - Andrey laughs.

old acquaintances say that women of our hero something are similar outwardly. and how you choose women? - this question tormented me for a long time. I feel their heart, - Andrey has laughed the matter off. - actually it you will not explain. Here any more so important able to see you or not able to see. Simply It appears, and you feel that it It .

- And how you have got acquainted with Tatyana? - She sits next and waves hands: About me it is not necessary to write .

- it is very simple, in library. About me one journalist did a material. So all has turned out is banal: And here he has met her in library... actually all is much more difficult. Though from our conversation very cheerful material can turn out. Many will have an impression that I only and did that married, got divorced and ran on women, - Andrey laughs.

at this time to it in office its first wife and two sons has glanced.

- you understand, so occurs that all people to whom I adjoin, then remain near to me. The first wife has married through any time the friend, the girl from university too with my friend.

among business, love dramas, children and verses very quickly you forget that before you the blind person. The tragedy it even where - that has forced to work on itself(himself). In the dark there is a possibility to find a corner for Platon, to philosophise, save romanticism and dream.

- I do not want becomes the inhabitant. Here all I think if to throw office, to write the book, to publish the verses, it will turn out or not?

Andrey has allowed to honour its verses. He does not like to do it. They almost all with an anguish, sometimes with strong melancholy or rigid irony. Perhaps, over by itself and over destiny which he has outwitted.

the old woman grey-haired, a nose dark blue a hook
And a hump under nakidkoju black upright.

be not afraid, - the smile - a snake has slipped.
- I kind, the guy, thy fate.
the cripple - destiny?! Well you, the grandma, have sufficed!
the humpbacked karma will be corrected by a tomb.

the Raincoat has thrown off, the maiden has appeared the sacred!
wings over a harmonous back have begun to clap!
in embraces reliable I to stars have rushed!
sob, envious persons! Hey!... Also has woken up.

the Photo from family archive.

from edition.

Dear readers! And to you people who, like our hero, could deceive destiny are known? Having endured tragedy, have not surrendered, and to the contrary became a support for the relatives?
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