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« I know it. The good guy »

Here three weeks on TNT there is a show “ Hunger “ participation in which is accepted by Vladislav Abramov from Vladivostok. And if earlier Vlad surprised the country with washing dressed in a shower and long immersing in a jacuzzi, recently it poverg it in shock.

Recognitions in secret to Natasha Sjutkinoj from Tyumen and Ksjushe Kozlovoj from Perm that once had sex with the man (and it was not pleasant to it), has split camp of fans “ Hunger “ on two camps. Here some endurances from discussion on our site.

Olga : - it is strange that from all applicants from Vladivostok have chosen Abramova. It is a shame to me with it as to the inhabitant of Vladivostok. Its responses about our city and behaviour in relation to Ksjushe call disgust. The moron, more shortly, this your Vladik.

unsigned : - Olga, and after all Vlad before leaving on show, the whole evening waited for you in the rain. Why you have not come?

the televiewer : - Uh you!!! And who then Sasha about whom he on glass in a shower wrote?

Katerina, Vladivostok : - Yes, Vlad, language has finished you to Kiev. It will be difficult now to you here. The main thing - behaviour tactics to choose the correct. Good luck and more... Be easier... Also do not shame Vladivostok.

the observer : - Vlad has seemed interesting, but only in the beginning. Now it is simply unpleasant. Behaves abominationly in relation to Xenia (though they two boots...) . Talks through a lip to others. And in companions at it the same sediment - Zuriko. Each of them thinks itself a centre of the universe, though and on - to the. On a broader scale half of clients of show - assholes. I believe, them have collected in a heap “ for an intrigue “. Thanks - are interesting to look. It is a pity only, the good person will not defeat.

to - To : - Vlad and Zuriko at least on pretend to be and do not overact. However, I do not know, how much it will help them with game.

Ljusilda : - Vlad very unpleasant and the stinker! And to my friends it terribly is not pleasant to me. In it irritates all!

Bob : - But he there can wash, and we in Vladik are not present! And all officials with deputatishkami together dishonour our city.

Veronica : - Vlad - very clever person. Very interesting. Unlike some other people it - present. For it that should be value in life of each person who is believing in God is valuable. Still it darling. But I do not wish it victory, simply I think that it is not necessary to it.

Veniamin : - Misters, I pay your attention that Vlad`s recognitions about sex with the man have been made in a toilet. It and Natasha with Ksjushej have been assured that there chambers are not established. And it has appeared that them remove and overhear. TNT has meanly broken own rules. In any civilised country the proofs extracted by an illegal way, are not taken by a jury into consideration. Shame TNT! Vlad is reputable that loudly all over the country has confirmed the intimate recognitions. However it has in vain adjoined the flight, decided to poison Zuriko. Together they were force. Now them will expose on one of game. At first Zuriko, then Vlad.

Malyava : - Yes all of you have gone! This boy lives in my city, and I all hands for it. I consider as its cool and not ordinary moron. Yes - yes, the moron, well also what? And who from us not the moron? More shortly, it the good fellow. So to hold, Vlad!

AlexG : - And I with it at school studied together. Also went on swimming, we even participated in competitions. Vlad, I wish your of good luck. If you read it, know that I supported you.

Βarbs : - I know it. The good guy. And to talk to it it is pleasant, better confidentially. And still he the musician also composes songs.

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