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Weather with snowfalls and frosts will be saved till the end of February

From the very beginning of a month weather did not indulge inhabitants of Bashkiria: that blizzards and all thaws, to the contrary - the frost to bones scolds. And has the day before yesterday tumbled down such snow that seemed, upon Ufa have fallen all hljabi the heavenly.

as have explained in Bashgidromete, contrary to expectations, snow has dropped out very little. Their greatest quantity was necessary on Zilairsky area. In the evening on February, 9th the plentiful snowfall was accompanied by a wind reaching 15 - 19 m/ with and strong rethrowings of snow.

within the next few days and till the end of February unstable character of weather so the snowfalls similar pozavcherashnemu, we will see yet a little will be saved.

From - for blizzards in republic there were 149 failures
On Monday to reach in the evening from work, ufimtsam it was necessary to stand idle on half an hour in stoppers. As to us have informed in a press - service UGIBDD of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB, on Monday in republic there were 149 road accidents in which eight persons have got traumas of various severity level. In other failures, fortunately, has suffered only transport.

from Ufa in have taken out more than three thousand cubic metre of snow
All forces kommunalshchikov past Monday have been thrown on struggle against a snowfall. On Monday on clearing of a city of snow 380 graders, snow loaders have been involved, peskorazbrasyvatelej and etc. And snow on a city dump have taken out more than three thousand cubic metre. Kommunalshchiki are not going to relax - as soon as snowfalls and blizzards will appear suddenly again, they will rush again in fight with snow.