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The tourist from Vladivostok has received a bullet in a head when tried to receive the luggage on road service station

It happens on November, 30th at half past twelve a.m. when about 50 tourists who have come back from China, were built in turn to the truck behind luggage.

All has begun with verbal skirmish. One of meeting, the inhabitant of Vladivostok K, has wanted, that to his wife have given out bales out of turn: his wife has brought many things, and time at it was a little.

According to eyewitnesses, the man began to shout on present and to cover with their floor-mat. The people have tried to shame him:

- That you shout? You will have time to receive cargo where to hurry up. We houses.

in reply to remarks K has led inadequately. It has seized from a truck body empty 20 - a litre large bottle for water and has knocked it on the head the guy from turn, to another has called in a fist in the person. And then has suddenly pulled out a pistol and has shot at the tourist standing from it in semimeter.

the Wasp from the defence weapon, has turned to attack means.

the Bullet from 4 - zarjadnoj Wasps has entered 41 - to summer Andrey Skripchenko hardly above an eyebrow and has got stuck in the bottom jaw. But K and on it has not stopped. Further, as witnesses told, it has directed a trunk on the senior of group Igor Sinkovsky. Click was distributed, but a shot has not followed. A misfire. By the way, as the driver of the truck who has delivered tourist cargo from Heavenly Empire has told later, K and to it threatened with a pistol, demanding a baggage claim without turn.

fast and group of capture Soviet ROVD as a part of the senior operupolnomochennogo Oleg Hana, operov Paul Ivanov and Sergey Drozdovsky, profit on road service station of minutes through 15 after slaughter.

Andrey Skripchenko with a bullet in a head and Vladimir Antonjana with the broken nose and the broken eyebrow have brought to the second city clinical hospital. And violent K in handcuffs delivered in police station. At its detention operas had to apply force - a free marksman desperately resisted.

now Andrey Skripchenko is in 1000 - koechnoj to hospital. Operation to it yet did not do. According to relatives, it keeps the good fellow, feels normally. And even jokes. But that Andrey has lost an eye, doctors yet do not speak to it.

on the given fact the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Soviet area brings criminal case. will watch an investigation course.

photo popova of Sergey.