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The criminal chronicle of Sundays

Murder of the businesswoman, razbojnoe a robbery with an arson, a robbery of an invalid carriage.

In Ussuriisk the woman - the businessman

is killed As have informed news agency Date. RU on the panel of fire protection regional UGPS, on Sunday in second half of day the message on a fire in one of apartments in the house in the street Chemerkina has arrived. The firemen who have arrived on a call have found out on kitchen the scorched body 35 - the summer mistress of apartment, and in a bedroom - a corpse of the man. It was found out that the woman was engaged in small business, the person of the man is not established yet. On both bodies - violent death traces. There is a version that a cause of the fire - an arson.

For a bottle of the passer-by have poured gasoline and have set fire

On Sunday, on November, 30th, into city clinical hospital of Ussuriisk it was converted 40 - the summer man. As he said, in the street two young guys have approached to it and have demanded money for a vodka bottle. When that has refused, they have poured over feet of the man gasoline and have set fire. As a result at the victim - burns of the second degree.

at the invalid have selected money

on November, 29th in village Pokrovka the local resident has plundered 50 - the summer invalid living in Pokrovsk the house of veterans. It has snatched out from its invalid carriage a zone bag with money. The sum stolen has appeared is insignificant, and at the invalid the big money whence would undertake. But also these last remains have interested anywhere not working citizen. However, with the extraction it far is not has left, as has been detained by employees of private security. Now for fulfilment of a robbery she should be responded on all severity of the law.

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