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« the Beam » have sent in « the Knockout » to listen to criticism of fans

In a bar the Vladivostok football players have not eaten a slice - all has got to fans.

the Management of football club the Beam - Energy chairman of the board Alexander Kostenko and the head coach of the command Sergey Pavlov, continues to bend the line. The people should learn our heroes not only on a football ground, but also in ordinary conditions of any bar, for example.

on October, 10th, on Sunday, luchovtsy with fans of the command have gathered in sports bar the Knockout in the street Nejbuta in Vladivostok. Thus to football players have offered severe enough test - sitting opposite bolely with taste sipped beer and smoked refined sigarettes. Sportsmen subsisted exclusively on juice and listened to the impartial criticism.

the Fan has broken to football players and has asked from them for not hammered penal.

- you why so badly penal beat? To me, a leah that to leave in the field to beat instead of you? - razduharilsja one of fans.

Players in the answer shrugged shoulders, slowly to take the initiative. Perhaps, because at this time on a daily routine should luxuriate on base in beds. Sergey Pavlov, as always, was answerable for all. Here is how, for example, he has commented on last exit drawn games the Beam :

are there were different matches. In Naberezhnye Chelny we played with KamAZom who a problem for a season, in general - that, has executed. In Nizhnekamsk it was more difficult. the petrochemist escapes, as can. Besides game passed at a gale-force wind. I would not began to accuse judges of bias. But the arbitrator has admitted some errors. Has not included, for example, the pure goal hammered in gate of owners in the first time. A penalty has appointed only from the second attempt.

and here that the trainer concerning the future season has told:

- we Will strengthen structure. It already appears. Knowingly I have arrived from Moscow not with the command, and one day later. To show all maps yet I will not be. I will tell one: now to persuade good football players to play for the Beam it became much easier.

by the way, in Moscow Pauls has met the very old friend Oleg Romantsevym (in a break of a match Moscow the Dynamo with Samara Wings ) . Oleg Ivanovich very much feels sorry that and has not arrived to Vladivostok to fish. As indemnification of Pauls has promised to fans to pay steadfast attention to pupils of seaside football. Upon termination of a season two matches between youthful national teams of Vladivostok and other edge will be spent.

Sajmon Atangana attentively listened to speeches of the trainer through the translator and at this time watched on the television screen events a mast of the championship of Argentina. It was felt that thoughts of Sajmona soar where - that far - far. But here instead of an emerald glade in Buenos - Ajrese on the screen has arisen the become limp marshy field in Naberezhnye Chelny, and Atangana has considerably cheered up. The selected episodes of last departure the Beam have been picked up with taste so the Vladivostok football players looked is not worse at all than the Argentina.

Sandwiches with red caviar luchevtsy have not tried.

Here waitresses start to serve tables at which football players sit. Some hands reach for cold dishes, but during this moment in a hall comes back Pauls (it wrote down for television).

is who here hungry? - He strictly asks. - whom today yet did not feed? To clean all from tables - at them still training.

At the infringers of a sports mode overtaken on a scene of crime the piece jams in a throat. Confusedly dozhevyvaja sandwiches, they reach for an exit. But which - what to take on road and to hide football players all - taki are in time. But basically all gets to fans.

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