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Officials on run hid in shops

on October, 9th in Vladivostok has passed city run We against drugs . Nikolay`s mayor has obliged all employees to leave on run.

Vladivostok yet did not know Such mass track and field athletics competition. According to organising committee, in running on a route Stadium Avant-guard - the area of Fighters for the power of Advice 5000 persons participated. Basically schoolboys and the students very happy with that this day have released them from employment. As it has appeared, wish there were to knead bones and some officials of city administration.

to consider all this crowd, check in of participants should be begun at 9 o`clock, long before a shot of a starting pistol. Minutes for 15 prior to the beginning of running of schoolboys have moved on start. Attempt to construct Schoolboys ahead of time has ended with mass false start, worthy the Guinness Books of Records. And leaders of false running had time to reach circus. Not all, by the way, have returned back. The most artful have sat out in an ambush and have therein joined to correct to running.

In last numbers run reminded walk in the open air.

Vladimir Nikolays started at the first number. Before it he, as usual, has wished all success and has just in case reminded of the main Olympic principle:

- the Main thing not victory, and participation.

the mayor obviously did not aspire to victory, having passed forward itself about third of participants.

together with it some chiefs of managements finished. Some officials participating in running, have decided not to break a subordination. Having settled down in a rear guard, they any time went walking step. While at one of them the mobile phone has not rung out. In a flash the group has sharply passed from a step to run.

Foto Ljubovi KULIKOVOJ.

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