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From a waterpipe of Neftekamsk have taken 600 tons of a dirt

Kommunalshchiki promise, by a weekend from cranes of townspeople pure water
will go As we already informed in yesterday`s number since March, 23rd from cranes in Neftekamsk instead of at its finest flows muddy oranzhevo - a yellow liquid with a strange smell. Townsmen are excited: to drink water from the crane are afraid, run to wells and columns, and for meal water buy in shops. As the director " has informed us; neftekamskvodokanala Fanis Muhnurov, all business in general cleaning of pipes. The line was not cleaned by the whole 42 years.

- from 21 km of a water highway we have extorted 600 tons of a dirt. In some places diameter of pipes has decreased twice! Worked as metal ruffs. If now we have not purged, in the summer in Neftekamsk there would be a deficiency of water. Besides, how it is possible to deliver pure water through such quantity of a dirt? When - nibud microbes here would be formed...

On a broader scale water pipes should minister 16 - 18 years. It is possible to tell that in Neftekamsk they already unusable. And on building new water water if there will be money, will leave at least three years. Despite monstrous quantity of a dirt, results of analyses which were spent by city Gossanepidnadzor, have shown that water has appeared absolutely pure.

- However, on mutnosti it does not meet the requirements, - the main health officer of Neftekamsk Vladimir Shipitsyn speaks. - to Drink water it is possible, if preliminary it to defend and boil. And Fanis Muhnurov has assured us: We guarantee that to days off water becomes transparent .