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Police officers and the journalist were beaten by unknown persons

Last assumes that it is connected with abduction.

past Sunday in Arteme of three unknown persons have attacked the correspondent of news agency the East - Media and two police officers going in own car on rest.

- driving to settlement Art Emovsky, we have overtaken Toyota - to the Cross - has told one of victims Elena Patanovsky. - Soon a cross has caught up with us and has blocked road. We have stopped. Of another`s car have jumped out the three men armed with pistols and bludgeons. On me they have directed a pistol and when the woman going with us has declared attacked that she is a major of militia and works in the regional Department of Internal Affairs, it have started to beat, have broken a nose and have hurt a hand. That they wanted from us, we and have not understood. I assume that it can be connected with my professional work. A day before an attack I prepared a material about disappearance of the son of the businessman. By the way, one of attacking was presented by the chief of criminal investigation department and has from apart shown a red crust. The surname he and did not name. The militian form on attacking was not. We have copied numbers of their car.

in Department of Internal Affairs Artema to victims have declared that Crosses with such numbers for their employees is not registered. Check upon an attack is spent by the regional Department of Internal Affairs. Persons attacking are not established yet.

from edition.

When number was imposed, the edge Department of Internal Affairs has extended the information that no attack existed. It was only check of documents. Why after such action at people noses and hands are broken, do not make comments.