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Deep Purple has arrived to Vladivostok by two planes

Onboard They be 134 musicians with retinue, on cargo An - 12 - eight tons of their concert equipment flied.

on October, 10th in 19. 30 charter flight in the airport of Vladivostok the cult group 70 - h - Deep Purple has arrived. Musicians were started up on October, 7th in Russian - the Ukrainian tour together with all concert equipment, which gross weight - eight tons. Not to be restricted among own amplifiers, monitors and other zvukotehnicheskih lotions, fate - legends led by Janom Gillanom for themselves and the technical personnel rented the separate plane - our usual a carcass . Technics peplov flies on cargo An - 2.

Vladivostok - the fourth city under the bill in Russia, the well-known foot of Gillana has stepped into whose asphalt. At the airport of musicians not numerous group devoted - organizers of a concert and journalists met.

Englishmen left to their waiting black Chevrolet not through the VIP - a hall, and through a usual input for all passengers. For this reason of world stars hardly have not confused with employees of the airport. To dialogue actors obviously have not been located - they did not pose in front of chambers, did not arrange a press - a briefing. It was necessary to remove them almost furtively as protection of the airport was on guard of a peace of mind of the arrived.

very correct image the leader of morning show of radio VBC Alexey Kirillov has led - as it is necessary meeting, it has helped to inform to the car a bag to guitarist Steve Morsu. Musicians have plunged in Chevrolet also have left in a city on a counter strip: after all the VIP - persons do not stand in traffic jams.

last night at Deep Purple - a unique concert in Vladivostok. In Palace of culture of seamen on which scene world hits will sound, all places are sold almost.

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Dear readers! How has taken place concert Deep Purple in Vladivostok, - read in tomorrow, on October, 13th .

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