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The businessman managed drum-type stick Deep Purple

Cΰυΰλθνεφ to Sergey Moskalenko has arrived to Vladivostok specially on a concert of legendary group.

Deep purple have placed in hotel “ Hyonde “ also have carried to have a rest in “ Zabriski the Point “. Stars sat in the VIP - to a hall, ate a fried potato, stakes from veal and pork, a salty salmon and salad from seafood. Washed down all this abundance with wine “ Kindzmarauli “ and vodka “ Nikita Kozhemjaka “. Towards the end of a supper have got acquainted with local group “ Kojn “ which executed all the evening long foreign fate - hits (except Deep Purple). After a concert the Vladivostok and English musicians have shaken hands.

in club many fans Deep Purple have gathered. But they in vain waited for possibility to take from members of group autographs. To musicians close admitted nobody. Square security guards drove all not understanding. It is insulting, after all in Krasnoyarsk, for example, rokery have gone not through the VIP - an airport hall, and through usual and distributed autographs to all interested persons.

in “ Zabriski the Point “ they has stayed before o`clock in the morning. Next day, vigorous and fresh, have very early gone on sound check in DKM.

Deep Purple at a concert in DKM.

On a concert basically have welcomed solid and rich vladivostoktsy. Youth was a little. To listen foreign rokerov participants of the project " have come also; Factories - 3 “ - Ira Ortman, the Novel of Badgers, Julja Mihalchik, Sasha Kireev and Dima Golubev (“ manufacturers “ act today in DKM).

Only do not talk to us, - beggarly whispered me Julja Mihalchik. - And now all will see that and autographs will run to ask.

but fears were vain. All concert young “ manufacturers “ have danced in pass of the bottom hall, and anybody them did not recognise.

at an input in DKM before the concert beginning the heap wishing has crowded to get on a concert on a freebie. It was not possible. Specially for this purpose show organizers have employed new controllers and security guards. To beat on pity it was useless. In a hall of Palace of culture of seamen have quickly organised sale of counterfeit tickets.

150 roubles - and you at a concert of the dream. And controllers will notice nothing, - children - umeltsy persuaded impecunious poor fellows.

controllers all noticed (absence of hologrammes on tickets) and sent fans where far away. Fans approached to a counter where were on sale firm dipovskie things. Also sighed heavily. T-shirts - from 500 to 700 roubles, bejsbolki - 250, CD - 400 - 700, firm booklets - 500 roubles. In the previous cities of the price were more low. In Vladivostok in sale plastic disks with signatures of all participants of group for the first time have arrived. Disks followed 1500 roubles.

the group concert was late for 40 minutes. A firm counter - dipy adore to tighten the beginning of performances. In Ekaterinburg of show have detained on an hour. To Kemerovo - on an hour and a half. The excited fans for a waiting time had time to be pumped up by beer and spirits under an outset. Cognac in a bar has left vlet. Therefore at a group exit on its scene met a roar, squeals and footfall.

vocalist Jan Gillan left in white trousers, a shirt and barefoot. First of all it has rolled up trouser-legs - they prevented to go. And in breaks between execution distributed autographs to the first row. When on a scene lomanulas the nice girl, Jan has nodded to protection: “ Pass! “. The girl has presented to the vocalist flowers and long to it something cooed on an ear. That has blossomed.

to Sergey Moskalenko with a drum-type stick from Deep Purple.

In the end musicians by tradition began to be scattered by the things. A bass - guitarist Roger Glover has started in a hall a little mediatorov. And drummer Jan Pejs has thrown out to spectators two complete sets of drum-type sticks.

one stick has pleased directly in hands to the Sakhalin businessman Sergey Moskalenko. I have arrived to Vladivostok specially on a concert, - Sergey admitted. - also did not think that there will be such good luck. I will hang up houses this stick on a wall. It will bring to me good luck.

according to some information, fee Deep Purple for a concert in Vladivostok has made 80 000 dollars.

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