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From - for shishkarej to a tigress with tigrenkom there is no place in a taiga

Mother with a cub again left to people. About the previous case we already wrote in for October, 8th.

at Night on October, 9th on a coal cut the North - 3 that in Shkotovsky area, have come a tigress with a cub. On a cut there are round-the-clock works, some tens persons are involved.

- I repaired a dredge, - chief engineer Valery Nesin tells. - About four mornings we have seen shone eyes, then it with tigrenkom. Their driver " has frightened off; BelAZa . It has shined with its headlights and has given a sound signal. And all - taki the people till the morning did not leave cars. When it is light, we have called in spetsinspektsiju the Tiger . Some of workers have declared that on the following change will take guns. But the cut management has stopped such ideas.

Boris Litvinov, the head of group Disputed tiger explains visit of a tigress to those coal miners that in a taiga now it is a lot of people. The cedar crop this year has gone right, and the people by cars force out a tiger from habitual habitats.

what to do if have met a tiger

Advice spetsinspektsii the Tiger :

On the seen tigers inform on bodies.:

Shkotovsky area.