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In Ufa at customs have detained turtles - nelegalok

Illegal passengers customs officers together with employees pogranichno - control veterinary point have found out only in Ufa. free riders have hidden aboard, arrived of Vietnam flight Hanoi - Irkutsk - Ufa .

As soon as the plane has sat down in the field, as well as it is necessary, representatives of customs have gone to examine salon and all compartments of the aircraft. Guards have found in a luggage space... A turtle! The poor creature was dead: the reptile has frozen alive, after all during flight in branch the temperature falls to - 50 degrees. Veterinary surgeons and customs officers have found out 13 more turtles in two boxes with bananas. One of them also was lost - it has simply crushed under weight of cargo. CHerepashki have appeared a rare species - Chinese trioniks it is brought in the Red book of Russia.

The citizen of Vietnam Ngam Su Kvang has brought To Ufa unfortunate reptiles - at least, she, has specified reptiles in the declaration after the arrival in the Bashkir capital. However neither documents on import, nor certifying the right to possession of animals, inquiries from veterinary surgeons at the lady have not appeared.

According to the Russian laws, turtles were are arrested . Most likely, have brought turtles to the Bashkir capital to start up on soup is a dish is a favourite delicacy at orientals. cases when foreign citizens do attempts to take in luggage and luggage of animals or cattle-breeding production, for us not a rarity, - the chief of the Bashkir branch federal pogranichno - veterinary service Ramil Shajhtdinov speaks, - on this flight 10 infringements have been fixed. Vietnameses tried to take snails, meat half-finished products - all to us should be confiscated and destroyed it .

Now to turtles threatens nothing. The survived 9 reptiles (three more turtles have died after the arrival of overcooling and damage of an internal) are placed in point perederzhki. For illegal immigrants veterinary surgeon Denis Savchuk looks after. As he said, turtles have already come to the senses, have grown roots in a new aquarium and appetite at them good.

feed exotic turtles with snails, molluscs. But most of all to predators on taste the Bashkir beef. Most likely, trioniksy will accept the Russian citizenship, and will attain the age in zoos of our country. These turtles will not get to private collections - in Russia these reptiles it is impossible to sell. And the Vietnamese mistress of turtles as has sunk into water.

the FILE
Trioniks Chinese - the unique spineless turtle residing in our country (is found in the Far East to the north from a mouth of the Cupid). At us it usually name simply Far East or spineless turtle. The flat, slightly extended armour Chinese trioniksa reaches length to 30 the Diet of a turtle see make fishes, molluscs, water Crustacea, insects and hearts. There live turtles till 60 years. Are brought in the Red book of the Russian Federation.

in one of restaurants of Ufa soup from turtles do not submit. At least officially. In Moscow on the average one portion of a delicacy costs 30 - 50 dollars.