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« It is necessary to dismiss such doctors! »

the first response to a material ( for October, 5th).

we Will remind, on October, 5th has told about how the doctor of infectious branch tysjachekoechnoj has refused to the elderly homeless woman medical aid. She has died in lesochke directly behind a hospital building.

our reader Ekaterina Ivanovna (Vladivostok) so has commented on this state of emergency:

- I would like to learn, how much years to that doctor who has thrown out the elderly woman to die in the street? How it could so to arrive? After all it gave a Hippocratic Oath! It is necessary to discharge such doctors from office and to judge. I am am revolted on a broader scale with that fact as scornfully today concern older persons. And not only doctors, but also the authorities. I now on pension, the invalid of the second group. Also what? At us in house N 5 along the street Kutuzov is not present some water some months (speak, repair of pipes goes), in a bath on crutches I can reach, the roof flows already since 1997. On all my references of any concrete answer - one promises. I all life worked on conscience, have received a medal For labour difference till now I help people, than I can. So why me and to other older persons so devil-may-carely concern? We have not merited it.

At the device was on duty