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Seaside shishkar wanted to sell tigrinye bones to Chineses

In Shkotovsky area employees spetsinspektsii the Tiger have caught the illegal owner of a skeleton tigrenka.

the Information on transportation of remains of the owner of a taiga has arrived on operative channels. It is possible to assume that in spetsinspektsiju it is simple have knocked same shishkari. The message has proved to be true. The lighted car have stopped. In a car luggage carrier mournful cargo really lay.

Victor Kuzmenko shows the confiscated skull tigrenka.

According to the head of wood group spetsinspektsii the Tiger Victor Kuzmenko, now very difficult authentically to find out, how life of a taiga kitten has broken. And stones, judging by their sizes, belonged to a cub. It not the first complete set of bones withdrawn by employees of bodies of wildlife management in territory of Primorski Territory. To destruction krasnoknizhnogo a beast we are obliged by steady demand for it to our Chinese neighbours. Inhabitants of Heavenly Empire since the old days consider really miracle medical products which prepare literally from all parts of striped cats, up to moustaches. Probably, and this tigrenok has been sacrificed to east medicine.

unfortunately, it is almost impossible to prove that the former owner of bones has personally killed tigrenka. Therefore, alas, it can get off with rather easy administrative punishment. The penalty for this infringement of the nature protection legislation makes only 1,5 - 2 thousand roubles.

the inquiry

In the Chinese medicine tigrinye bones boil down in vegetable oil or vinegar. Apply almost from all illnesses in the form of mixtures, plasters, pills. It is considered that preparations from bones are especially effective at treatment of rheumatism, a neuralgia and sexual powerlessness.


In the black market of a bone of the Amur tiger, processed in a flour, stand to $1 thousand. The price of a full skeleton reaches $10 thousand.

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