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From a flu the local treasury does not pull vaccination

From 120 thousand exempts free of charge can impart only 10 thousand.

In the past, 2003 with a flu and ORVI had been ill 104 673 vladivostoktsa. And across all Primorski Krai were ill more than 300 000 persons. More precisely, has had been ill more, simply many were not converted to doctors and were treated by tea with a raspberry independently. The total economic damage from this epidemic has made more than 20 million roubles. To avoid such losses it would be possible, if townsmen responsibly concern inoculations against a flu. As tells the statistican, the rouble spent for vaccination, saves 25 budgetary roubles which would leave on treatment of the patient. But for two years of absence of federal financing of preventive maintenance of virus diseases vaccination became for city treasury very heavy cargo. One dose of a vaccine costs 100 roubles. 120 000 Vladivostok exempts have the right to free vaccination. And use this right can only 10 000 - so much doses have bought for them a city.

figures disturb: in Primorski Krai last year it has been imparted in 3 times of less people, than on the average across Russia . Worst of all that vaccination was not spent almost among workers of child care centres and high schools. Have found time and money for an inoculation only 6 percent of teachers. And meanwhile children and teenagers are most inclined to complications after a flu, they both fall ill faster, and are treated longer. However rectors of high schools and heads of the enterprises flatly refuse to be spent for inoculations for the workers. This year vaccination has begun on October, 1st, however to secure and relatives from illness while have wished about 350 townspeople.