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The street Vladivostok is scattered on the country

It is in Ufa, Izhevsk, Omsk and other cities.

Street Vladivostok in Izhevsk. Behind a fence autorepair factory.

The street is small, but Vladivostok

On crossing of two main streets of Industrial area of Izhevsk is Vladivostok. Every day on it passes many people. Length of street - 20 metres. On it there is only one building: autorepair factory. As it was found out from poll of townspeople, the few (and indexes on her, unfortunately, are not present) can remember the name of street. But aged inhabitants of area and workers of the factory remember how its shape changed.

- earlier it was much more. Left downwards, - Igor Varshavin, the worker of factory has shared the memoirs. - then there were new buildings, the street became ever less.

the street has appeared in 1940. Unfortunately, neither in city administration, nor in republican archive to us and could not tell, thanks to what it is named by Vladivostok.

Ekaterina SURNINA, - Izhevsk .
the Photo of the author.

In Ufa the street Vladivostok is well-known psihbolnitsej.

With Vladivostok - means, the madman!

If not Russian - Japanese war not to see ufimtsam street Vladivostok. And also Amur, Tomsk, Baikal, Yenisei and Kamchatka. All the matter is that after building of east suburb of the Bashkir capital, in 1904, the municipal duma long could not solve, as new streets to name. After the beginning of war officials, practically without disagreements, named all new buildings in honour of Far East objects.

Originally Vladivostok was absolutely small small street - only 24 houses. There lived on it basically visitors: natives of Tashkent, Vyatka, and also some the Ufa families which have left unsuccessful disctricts of the city.

directly behind this street the deserted earths of town council settled down, but some years prior to power revolution have begun here construction of the house for the insane persons, received in the people the name a mental hospital or durka . Old residents remember, how in their far childhood, boys, frightened of madwomen. Fences then were not such high, and patients continually ran out in white shirts - at the best to wander on Vladivostok, to buy binge. In the worst - attacked local girls.

the psychiatric clinic settles down till now on the same place. If ufimtsu it would be desirable to tell about the person that it it is a little of that it is enough to say: Yes it with Vladivostok! .

Stanislav of SHAHS, - Ufa .
the Photo of the author.

In Omsk there is a street Vladivostokovsky, but on a map of the city it is not present.

the Street of the perfect is far

Vladivostokovsky (in such writing. - a comment red.) In Omsk differs from village a little: 70 private houses with kitchen gardens yes the broken asphalt. Till 1977 this okrainnaja the street was called Station - nearby the railway. Regional specialists have a version: Vladivostokovsky also it is far from the centre of Omsk, as the Far East from capital therefore named it so.

On a map of the city of street is not present, taxi drivers do not know it. And only postmen on a question Where this street? have responded almost instantly. Then at least letters - newspapers vladivostoktsam carry in time. By the way, local inhabitant Olga Ivanovna Morozova worked in due time as the postman and to concerns with special thrill:

- the Good newspaper, always read and I read with pleasure, - she speaks. - it is glad, what exactly this newspaper has become interested in our life - bytem. We so far live: as - that time has called to the neigbour fast, it went five hours, could not find, where we are.

on Vladivostokovsky there is no shop. Road on which buses and fixed-route taxis go, from time to time repair, but transport breaks it quickly enough. Other problem - a waterpipe. It in houses is not present, on all street - one column. However, some are happy with the houses. Recently here there was a new inhabitant from Kazakhstan which has bought the house for 90 000 roubles. This money would not suffice even on modest habitation in the centre. Absence of telecommunication brings in life of inhabitants of street Vladivostokovsky some glamour - practically half from them has mobile phones. In the end of 80 - h in Omsk underground building has begun. On a place Vladivostokovsky wanted to construct depot. In reorganisation building have braked.

in 30 - e years of the last century after events on Halhingole in Omsk have appeared streets Volochaevsky and Far East. In 50 - h - Port - Art Urovsky and Khabarovsk. In 1968 - Ussuriisk, in 1977 - m - Vladivostokovsky.

Larissa LOSKUTOVA, - Omsk .
Oleg`s KURDJAEVA Photo.

Where still is Vladivostok:

Novorossisk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij, Khabarovsk, Dalnerechensk, the Find, Ussuriisk (highway).

And how at us?

what Streets of cities are in Vladivostok:

Azov, Bryansk, Voronezh, Dnepropetrovsk, Murmansk, Odessa, Samara, Saratov, Sevastopol, Smolensk, Tambov, Tomsk, Tyumen, Uzhgorod, Kherson, Chita, Yaroslavl and Yalta.

Victor Obertas.

- Many streets in Vladivostok have received names of the Russian cities in 1909, - Victor Obertas, the former member of the city commission on toponymics tells . Then the Duma of Vladivostok ordered names okrainnyh streets. Has been accepted sectional a method on which streets in one microdistrict received related names. For example, on Egershelde - names Volga region (Yaroslavl, Saratov), on Silent - northern territories (Murmansk, Chukchi). It is convenient for orientation, for example, speak to you: Street Samara, and you already know that there is it in area Volga region streets.

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Who knows, maybe, street Vladivostok is where - that still, and not only in Russia? Dear readers, inform on it in edition, and the correspondent will get ready for a trip.

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