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Abdulov will remove a fantasy in a jungle of Sihote - Alinja

the Known actor in December will begin work on a teleserial the Hyperboloid of engineer Garina under the scenario of Marti from Radio VBC.

with the popular actor of theatre and cinemas - our fellow countryman Sergey Stepanchenko - will start to remove the Teleserial in Primorski Krai in the end of this year. It will be already the third film version of the readers well-known and very favourite by much generations scientifically - Alexey Tolstoy`s fantastic novel the Hyperboloid of engineer Garina . To put a serial the known actor and while young (not on age, and by experience) director Alexander Abdulov has gathered.

Yury Goncharov. It. Marti.

the Scenario was written by the seaside director Yury Goncharov more known for Marti under a pseudonym. He studied at Far East institute of arts together with Sergey Stepanchenko. Last - a star of serial Next - also has acquainted Marti with Abdulov - the main thing nexs - tovskim the hero.

this summer Goncharov went to Moscow, veins by apartment at the national actor twice, consulted, altered the scenario. And in September Abdulov has arrived for some days to Vladivostok on festival Meridians Silent . It has once again familiarised with the scenario, has given OK, and it became clear that shootings can already begin in December of this year. The seaside taiga becomes the first film-making object. Nature near to Arsenyev`s city where when - that Akira Kurosawa removed well-known " is already chosen; Dersu Uzala . To Abdulov such parallel to liking.

at first planned that the protagonist the director will play, but then this thought have refused - Abdulov`s age will not allow to represent to the actor of young Garina. Therefore the place of the actor for a leading role while is vacant. But security officer Shelgu who chases the engineer - the criminal, Sergey Stepanchenko will play. Will be in the future film and a role for seaside actors.

the main difference of a new tape from the previous consists that action occurs today.

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