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The reader « conducts « Casanova`s School »

She has read a note in also has passed selection in a reality - show.

19 - summer third-year student DVGU Natalia Bugaets is chosen by a leading reality - show Casanova`s School . It is telecompetition among five men who put in difficult situations and remove on the chamber.

in for September, 17th Natalia has read article about selection of the girl - the leader and has sent the photos in edition and the letter:

Natalia in a role of Woman Jagi on children`s morning performance.

Natalia Bugaets on a casting.

Photos have been passed in the producer centre Growth which removes transfer. In newspaper article it was informed that will hand over to the winner a prize - potter from Epishev elektriks . On October, 14th Natalia has received it in edition.

the first shootings " on October, 12th have taken place; Casanova`s Schools in shopping centre on the Second Small river. Guys chose to themselves clothes, and the stylist estimated, a leah approaches it to them. Natalia showed the kind discontent with participants, its role - to provoke them to acts.

- it is chosen by the leader as it manages to behave otstranenno from participants. During too time she is able actions and internal message to appeal them to resolute actions - Olga Ilchenko, the editor-in-chief of School speaks.

the plot about clothes will be shown in the first release of the program on October, 18th in 19. 30 on Ren - TV. It will go three times a week: on Monday, environment and Friday on weekdays during the same time.

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