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The navel of Primorski Krai is located in a rock

Four enthusiasts have calculated, where at our corner of the world - the geographical centre.

This history has begun even past spring: pensioner Jacob Iosifovich Lelikov from settlement Novoshahtinskiogo of Mihajlovsky area has decided to calculate exact position of the geographical centre of Primorski Krai. A problem, in general - that, simple but why - that earlier to anybody to a head did not come. Jacob Iosifovich has found for a long time already the centre of the Mihajlovsky area, and now has decided to make happy edge. And that: the point of the centre of Asia is known, Europe - too, Russia as a whole was defined for a long time in this sense... So pressing forward of companion Lelikova to find most that on there is a centre of Primorski Krai quite clearly.

half-thousand kilometres from Vladivostok

the Rock in the centre of Primorski Krai have noted the memorable tablet.

the geodesist - the phenologist has passed The theoretical calculations for check to Vladivostok, in the Society of studying of the Amur edge (OIAK). Then its calculations have got to a member of Academic council OIAK, professor DVGU, the doctor of geographical sciences Peter Fedorovichu Brovko. After check of results of vigils of Lelikova the professor has agreed with the received co-ordinates - 4504 ` northern width and 13436 ` east longitude.

this point has appeared in 500 km from Vladivostok, in a taiga near village Ariadnoe of Dalnerechensky area. Peter Brovko has suggested the Society of studying of the Amur edge to make expedition to the centre of Primorski Krai and to establish there a memorable sign. A black marble board with gold letters have reserved in the Necropolis (the company on manufacturing of gravestone monuments) - is more anybody such does not make. It has turned out a little ambiguously, but it is beautiful.

to establish a memorable plate four full members OIAK have gone: the head of automobile race Peter Brovko, the businessman (it the driver and the owner of a jeep Land Cruiser ) Yury Efremov the pioneer of the centre of edge Jacob Lelikov and the author of these lines. The map, a compass and the data of satellite system of navigation conducted us upstream the rivers of the Robin near to Ariadnogo. Weather was remarkable, the river - pure, air - appetizing (though have a snack it). Certainly, we tried to choose a point so that it was convenient to approach and approach to it. It is bad to brag, but for the sake of justice it is necessary to tell: a place for memorial plate installation I have looked after: the cosy ambry in a rock near to road and near to small river of the Robin and demanded uvekovechivanija. It it has been decided to declare the centre of Primorski Krai. Besides nearby were available a bench under a canopy and the rests kostrishcha. The main business - a board attachment to a rock - was made by Yury Efremov who, despite a proud rank of the businessman, masterok in hands held obviously not for the first time. The others performed type works bring - submit scattered stones and tidied up environment.

And whom we bury?

Have finished this action, as well as it is necessary, meeting with a hymn of Russia and speeches. Proper words said not only participants of historically important expedition, but also the head of administration who has welcomed on ceremony of Dalnerechensky area Anatoly Mihajlovich Ftodosev. The hymn and a song about native village were executed by teachers and pupils of Ariadnensky high school. The solemn spirit was a little brought down by the traveller driving by. Having put out from a window of the foreign car, he with surprise examined gathered around nekropolskoj plates the people:

- And whom we bury - that?

the Member of academic council OIAK, professor DVGU, the doctor of geographical sciences Peter Fedorovich Brovko has with own hand washed a bench for those who will want to sit directly in the centre of Primorski Krai.

in general, now the official centre at Primorski Krai is! All interested persons can admire it. If you go on a line from Chuguevki towards Dalnerechensky area, necessarily will meet on a way at first village Pozhiga, then through 4 km village Ariadnoe. Between villages will see turn to the right in front of the bridge (it there one with what will mix). Turn off and through 17 km look on the left - in a roadside rock from slate the memorial board with an inscription " flaunts; the Geographical centre of Primorski Territory the Russian Federation ! From the file

Jacob Iosifovich Lelikov , 68 years. The full member of the Society of studying of the Amur edge, more known as the regional specialist and the phenologist. In the past has replaced set of trades, including worked as the geodesist for geologists and even held a post main markshejdera of the Pavlovsk coal cut.

Dear readers!

Pioneers of the geographical centre of Primorski Krai through our newspaper have decided to consult to you - as is better to equip this memorable place. While it simply platform in the size 10 on 20 metres. What on it it is necessary to make?

your advice send to the address: 690090 Vladivostok, and/ I 261 . On an envelope make a mark the Point on the map . Or write on e - a mail: .

the Most original idea will be realised, and its author will win a prize from our edition. Good luck!

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