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The telereporting on a meeting « the Beam » with « Gazovikom » the commentator from Moscow

Grigory Tvaltvadze has arrived on TV channel opening Sports .

- Dvaltvadze, Tvaldvadze, Dvaldvadze, Tvaltvadze how it is correct? - The informant of stadium the Dynamo feverishly touched variants for 5 minutes prior to the beginning of a match the Beam with Gazovikom on October, 14th. - and, in a break I will declare...

so that the known sports commentator from Moscow Grigory Tvaltvadze will conduct the direct reporting on OTV - Tonics, the fans who have come on October, 14th on stadium the Dynamo have learnt with delay for 45 minutes. And he even did not know about it neither a dream, nor spirit in the morning. Tvaltvadze flied to Vladivostok on presentation of an announcement of the all-Russian channel Sports in Primorski Krai. And as the plane came nearer to Vladivostok, Grigory Aleksandrovicha`s mood spoilt more and more.

- 0:1, 0:2, 0:3, 0:4, - plane crew pleased passengers news about a match Russia - Portugal.

about the final price of a national shame (1:7) Tvaltvadze has learnt already at the airport of Vladivostok. The soul demanded though any indemnification. And here football absolutely has by the way turned up.

the idea with the comment has arisen an impromptu. At first it was for fun thrown by someone on a press - conferences. To Sergey Sokolovu (radio the Lemma ) Which in this season makes comments on matches of superiority for OTV - Tonics, the thought was pleasant. To Grigory Tvaltvadze as it has appeared, too. Dialogue on the air has not demanded special preparation. The Moscow commentator has paid attention on the Beam in 1993 when that debuted in the higher league. Also continued to watch destiny of the command on the Internet. By the way, Grigory Aleksandrovich has praised an official site the Beam - Energy for informativnost and efficiency.

Konstantin Gordijuk in this game was noted by a goal.

Football in Vladivostok the Moscow visitor has not discouraged. Certainly, forces of commands were not equal. Gazovik - Gazprom is on last place without any variants (to the Far East it even has arrived without the head coach). the Beam it was fixed in the middle of standings. And still the intrigue at a match was. In Izhevsk in the first circle the Beam was it is lowered on most I do not want (0:6, almost as a national team in Lisbon). The Vladivostok fans thirsted an adequate revenge. And consequently have been a little discouraged, leaving stadium. a beam has won, but only with the bill 4:0. Goals have hammered Alexander Garin, Konstantin Gordijuk, Vadim Sokolov (from a penalty) and Maxim Astafev.

- And that, good game has turned out, cheerful, - has told after a match with a smile of Tvaltvadze. - 4 goals. It was easy to make comments.

- what surname is more difficultly remembered, Atangana or Tvaltvadze?

- I do not know, I do not know... To force Atanganu of 10 times to say Tvaltvadze ...

the File

Tvaltvadze Grigory Aleksandrovich. Was born on May, 2nd, 1959 in Sukhumi. In a youth was engaged in Greco-Roman wrestling. By training - the teacher of Russian and the literature. With 1981 for 1993 worked at school (the teacher, the director of studies, the director). Till 1997 was engaged in business. Work on television: programs the XX-th century. Football pages (STS), the Gold pedestal ( Culture ) A role itself in a serial Football (the premiere is expected on the First channel).

Made comments on the World championships and Europe on football (including a final Brazil - Germany in 2002), the Olympic games (the ending of hockey tournament in Solt - Lejk - City in 2002), other international competitions. Reportings from matches of superiority of Russia on football in the first battalion to Vladivostok never conducted.

a nickname among football fans - the teacher of literature. Supports Tbilisi the Dynamo and the Russian football. Inaccessible dream: that in the World championship ending on football there were Russian national teams and Georgia.

In Vladivostok the following has been told:

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