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« a Pallada » flaunted in front of Vladivostok

the Sailing vessel has passed in 400 metres from coast.

On Friday in water area of Amur bay opposite to the centre of Vladivostok has seemed a Pallada . It went in full sail from party Egershelda in parallel coast on distance of four hundred metres. Having reached on the Second small rivers, the sailing vessel was developed and has gone back, towards Tchurkin. Onboard - 120 cadets of seaworthy school from the Find and fishing college from Vladivostok. Captain Nikolay Zorchenko has spent for them training on statement and descent of all 26 sails.

- There was a fair weather, and we saw from a board as many vladivostoktsy photographed a sailing vessel from specific platforms and observed of us from windows of buildings with a view of the sea, - the assistant the captain Elena Devjatova tells.

Tomorrow a Pallada leaves in Otaru, pobratim Finds. Onboard - the letter to local authorities with the request to pass to Vladivostok exhibits for a museum of oriental combat sports. In 2007 90 years to the first international tournament on a judo are executed. It has passed in Vladivostok with participation of pupils of Tomabeti Hidetosi from Otaru and Vasily Oshchepkova`s pupils, its messmate on the Tokyo school of a judo.

Dmitry KLIMOV`S photo.