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From Meadow to Silent change phones

On Wednesday in Vladivostok replacement of the telephone numbers beginning with 23 on 63 and 64 has begun. The out-of-date telephone exchange changes the equipment.

- extraneous noise at conversation Will disappear, speed of access to the Internet will increase, there will be value added services. Switching of subscribers will pass during three - six months, - Alexander Koshkarev from Seaside branch " tells; Dalsvjazi . - In process of input of the equipment subscribers will be warned about number change.

capacity of old station - 10 200 numbers. After reconstruction 3068 more numbers will be added. It will allow to instal a telephone on Silent, streets Borisenko, Fadeeva, Sports, Sakhalin and in 71 - m microdistrict. Installation cost - 8000 roubles (it is possible instalments for six months). The installation date depends on address specifications. Demands are accepted in user`s departments after a passport presentation. Inquiries by phone: 63 - 00 - 08 .

Value added services after change of numbers

Service Cost, rbl. a month
number Determinant 50
Readdressing. If your number is occupied or does not respond, the call arrives at once on phone specified at connection of service (wire or cellular). 20
For each kind - it is occupied or does not respond
That for the period of your absence nobody used phone, it is possible to forbid temporarily all calls, either only long-distance, or only trunk calls. Anyway calls on emergency services (01, 02, 03, 04) will be accessible only. 20
the Temporary restriction of entering calls (that nobody disturbed). Thus it is possible to call from the phone, as usual. 20
Conference. Simultaneously conversation allows to have with two interlocutors - subscribers. 30
During conversation with someone it is possible, without breaking off connection, to dial number of other person and to talk to it. 20
If during a phone conversation one more call in a tube the signal about it will be distributed arrives. There is a possibility:
to Dump this call.
to dump current conversation and to respond to the arrived call.
to speak with the second subscriber, having left the first to expect.
to tell that with one with another, without breaking communication.
It is possible to set about ten telephone numbers which are called by one pressing of keys from a zero to nine (conveniently at preservation, for example, PIN - a code of a telephone map or long number for a long-distance call). 15
Under the schedule established by you phone will call, at a tube raising to start a voice with a reminder on approach of certain time (practically an unlimited number of times a day, for example, for the strict schedule of drug intake). 20

to Use these services while owners of push-button telephone sets can only. Services are reserved in user`s departments, the payment for using is added to user`s and exposed in the monthly bill.

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