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From shishkarej cedars and tigers

In seaside woods nutting rattles. This year the cedar was born on a firm three if to consider on 5 - mark system. And the unemployed were pulled in a taiga.

the Nuts released from resinous cells, secondhand dealers who in turn work on the Chinese businessmen accept. The state order for a pine nut, and for other gifts of a taiga, does not exist for a long time. Usually the cedar shows generosity of times in four years, and the rest of the time has a rest. But now, seemingly, the nature has mixed something, and primortsy is successful shishkujut the second year successively. It is so crowded now in wood that in places where transport can drive, cedar cones not to find any more.

Boris Litvinov.

And forest wardens dream to enclose a taiga with a barbed wire and to arrange kontrolno - check points. A misfortune that many collectors do not stop on the fallen ripe cone. They climb behind it on iron cats type monterskih, it is deep ranja a bark, ram trees tractors. After such damages any tree, and a cedar especially hard is ill, can even be lost.

- From - for shishkarej the tiger leaves habitual habitats, - Boris Litvinova, the head of group the Disputed tiger most of all disturb become frequent meetings of Ussuriisk predators and people.

in kedrovnik - 8 km on a tractor

In jobless settlement New Moscow is not engaged in the cone only absolutely the impotent. Along a line conducting to Partizansk, at gates gifts of kitchen gardens are exposed. And almost in each shop or sell cones or nuts, or the poster " is established; I Will buy a nut . Sometimes specify procurement price. On the average hardly there is more than dollar for kg. Others get off with a word: Expensively .

we Brake near a bright Chinese umbrella. Under it Masha Konovalova trades. On a pumpkin tray, honey and, of course, cedar cones. Large - 10 rbl., more small - 7. Sticky from pitch pineapple smells as needles. Towards to correspondents the getter hurries. Family head Nikolay Konovalov says that in vicinities of settlement the cone already all have chosen.

Nikolay Konovalov shows as razmolachivajut cones.

- I go for 8 kilometres by a tractor. And then still on foot half an hour on a taiga. Is not present more close.

Nikolay Grigorevich, seemingly, from conscious shishkarej. As he said, it extracts delicious nutlets not for sale, and for needs of a family. Collects the fallen cone, instead of bangs on cedars than popadja. Bags with extraction drags home, instead of nails a meat grinder to a gentle trunk of a cedar. It shows the self-made device beaten to a column in a court yard. It indeed reminds the elementary kitchen mechanism. The owner showers some cones in a metal tray and with visible effort scrolls a handle. It demands some physical training. Anyway, female forces of the correspondent has not sufficed even on one turn.

Pishchepererabatyvajushchaja the industry

In substituted under a meat grinder a children`s zinc tray nuts alternately with resinous cheshujkami are strewed. Pitch fairly makes heavier work, hammering in the mechanism. The following stage: the ground cones pour out on special resheto through which nutlets together with an easy peel fail. The pure product turns out after nutlets provejut. SHishkari, put the employment on commercial rails, is thought out by own ways to facilitate work. In the smart image the meat grinders to the place of the removed automobile wheel fix, forcing to work instead of itself an internal combustion engine. For protrend use household fans.

Nikolay Konovalov responds to a question why does not try to earn on a nut, that in this season not so it is a lot of cone, as, say, in 1999. Then it came back from a taiga not less, than with five bags of extraction. And recently, Maria contemptiously sniffs, on a broader scale has received actually harlot offer. Any Korean suggested to sell to it cedar cones at the price - 6 roubles for kg. It is unprofitable, certainly.

Wood industrialists

Ishat Haliulin.

Not all hunters so shchadjashche concern a taiga - the wet nurse. Punch new roads tractors, break to kedrovnikam on every possible transport, having wound wheels with chains. Ruin pride of a taiga - a cedar. And after all it should grow 30 years before will give the first crop. Having driven through New Moscow, we turn off on the taiga, well rolled road. Indeed the population in the shadow of trees nowadays rather dense. The watchman of shop in Tavrichanke Ishat Haliulin with companions only have arrived to Shkotovsky area. They also have not broken camp. Only have walked on investigation. Results of the pedestrian detour have not excited them:

- Yes what there to earn. Gasoline to justify. We on gorjuchku have spent 600 roubles. We will simply have a rest.

judging by the concrete fusel spirit reaching from furgonchika, it is not excluded that so it and will be. And in metres 50 from the microtruck already rendered habitable camp. Volodja from the Big Stone the surname has refused to name. It did not begin to hide that hopes to come back home with a gain. Under an awning some bags filled by cones are covered from a rain. There is an impression that teleologically works by request of the secondhand dealer. Someone should bring up to it meal, and extraction to take away. Last years conditions like the quiet: wood robberies does not practise. But some years ago there was a business: a family of the secondhand dealer dashing ljudishki have locked, and at this time have taken away fair party of nuts in an unknown direction. So now the Chinese customers try to take away extraction daily.

the Comment of the expert

Anatoly Kantur.

Anatoly KANTUR, the forest warden of Shkotovsky timber enterprise:

- To wood go all. Nut preparation goes uncontrolledly. There are no statisticans, how much particularly cones is taken out from a taiga. And without damage to the nature it is possible to extract no more than 25 percent of a crop. Some timber enterprises have independently established restriction for collectors of cones - no more than 20 kg on the person. But it is illegal. In 1999 such restriction was entered by the decision of the governor. However it was protested by the nature protection public prosecutor for the reason that the decision has not passed preliminary expert examination. This research costs money which nobody wants to pay. Therefore now such situation that though will take out ton shishkar, will tell that for personal consumption, and nothing can be made. Even to withdraw a nut it is not had the rights. We can interfere only in case the infringer has obviously hurt a cedar or has created threat of occurrence of forest fire.

Shishkar can earn Quotations for a season to $800 . The pine nut ton costs $1000 . Secondhand dealers accept a pure nut on 30 - 36 roubles . The processed nutlets shelled, soldered in vacuum packing will already cost more 200 roubles .

the inquiry

Than the pine nut

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