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« Spartak - Primorski Krai » has begun with three victories

Our basketball players while click rivals, as nutlets.

Successful for it is red - white start in XI man`s championship of Russia on basketball (a superleague " has turned out; ) . On October, 13th and 14 in Nizhni Tagil was totally poverzhen local the Old Sable - EVRAZ . By the way farm - club acting in a superleague And Ekaterinburg EVRAZa . And if in the first day spartakovtsy have defeated simply with the large bill (98:59), in - the second - with indecently large bill (116:47). It seems that with acquisition of new players a trainer`s staff Spartaka - Primorski Krai has got in to ten .

the Most productive player in structure Spartaka following the results of two matches there was a titled recruit Paul Astakhov (37 points). 22 points in the second match were made by other beginner of the team - Anton Moiseyev. But also old residents of " command; furrows have not spoilt . Absolute productivity in the first duel was shown by the favourite of the Vladivostok fans the playing Alexander Mihajlov - 14 points from 14 possible (4 treshki plus 2 penal).

The Following victory has been gained on October, 17th in Novosibirsk over Sibirtelekomom - 2 (farm - club acting in a superleague And the Locomotive - Sibirtelekoma ) - 99:76. And this match has shown that ensemble in Spartake steals up in this season that is necessary also teamwork grows before the eyes. Paul Astakhov (14 points) has again caused a stir. Paul Belousov (14 fetters) has crumpled enemy protection. However Evgenie Polischuk (23 points) became the most productive radical primorets. And here the captain, eks - novosibirets Vladimr Pevnev pozhplel fellow countrymen. In its active only 2 points.

now Spartak occupies 6 - e a place. But it because other commands have played more matches. Without defeats in superiority, as well as Spartak while go Krasnoyarsk Yenisei and the Kazan UNIX - 2. The first losses were incurred by our basic competitors in struggle for the first place. Magnitogorsk the Metallurgist - University has suffered one defeat, Petersburg LENVO (eks - Konti ) Whole 3.

the Season in Vladivostok Spartak - Primorski Krai will open 23 - 24 matches with one of leaders - the Kazan command the UNIX - 2 (Kazan). Games will begin in sport centre the Olympian at 18 o`clock.