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Romantic travel to shop

we Choose gifts for beloveds and men.

Day enamoured often name day of the big sales. There is even an opinion that the feast was thought up by perfumers who have providently got support of owners of restaurants and cafe.

we do not argue. But, on the other hand, love - too important feeling for each person to leave it without own feast. After all even kids this day with inspiration give each other valentinki.

the Love which inspires

Is considered that enamoured fly. A leah so it - is now chance to check up. Present to the elect jumping boots and observe: will fly up - will not fly up.

everyone, having put on these high overshoes, will feel that terrestrial gravitation loses over it the power. It, of course, will not soar, as if a bird, but adrenaline in blood will increase, be assured. And after such still someone will tell, what people do not fly?. the price - 6990 roubles .

Pearls in a box

On a court yard the middle of February so, to dive on a bottom sea in search of pearls - almost madness. But do not hurry to lower hands. After all modern gods of trade have already collected all sea jewelry and have packed them into nice boxes.

the gift is called love Pearls . In it the bowl with the real pearls lies. By the way, it is possible even to choose colour of nacre - peach, pink, cream or colour of a lavender. the price - 200 roubles .

The alternative boyfriend

does not heat Love? It can be corrected. Put on feet in a miracle - boots which not only will warm, but also will gently massage. Very practical and necessary gift, when your favourite on work or on business trip. the price - 4490 roubles .

for memory

Now photos it is possible not only to consider Words, but also to listen. The dictophone is built in a support under a photo. The size of the maximum message - 12 seconds. Not too it is a lot of. But for the most important in life of words will suffice. the price - 1190 roubles .

Zoological mammon

Gifts with value. In the east the turtle symbolises longevity and happiness, and a toad - mammon. Their occurrence in the house not only will give hope that life will abruptly change, but also will decorate it. All bagatelles are decorated by natural stones, are beautiful and graceful. the price - from 200 roubles .

Igor`s NOVIKOVA Photo.