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In a city epidemic ORVI

children come To hospitals of the regional centre the whole classes.

- We specially to the reception beginning have come, thought, the first we will be. The child since yesterday evening temperaturit, a nose is put, from eyes of tear by a stream, - Irina, mum 9 - summer Sashi tells. They build in turn to the therapist in children`s polyclinic of Pervorechensky area two hours. Children with parents approach everyone five - ten minutes.

- oh, and the girl from my class. And more one, - is quickened the boy. For half an hour here have met at once the person 7 - 10 of one class. Symptoms same. Parents are assured that it is that flu which has cut a floor - Russia. However, to children make diagnosis ORZ (the general respiratory disease) or ORVI (sharp respiratorno - a virus infection).

Pediatrists honesty examine each small patient. It is good that parents conduct at once the child in hospital. Day - another with such infection in a class - and half of children too will fall ill.

- and at us also the teacher was ill, - the boy who has come on an extract brags.

- yes, we too sneezes, and the throat is ill it, - another assents. - probably, lessons will not be tomorrow.

the comment of experts

Lyudmila Mihajlovna Zyryanov, the epidemiologist:

- the Flu in a city while is not present.

Lydia Buchko, the medical statistican, the Vladivostok city centre sanepidemnadzora:

- In a city it is not fixed yet any case of a flu. Only 465 - I the form, that is ORVI (a sharp respiratory virus infection).