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In Vladivostok bread will fall in price?

officials promise to bakery magnates to lower rent rates, and those, maybe, bread cost.

the City authorities promise to lower in March rent rates (which have lifted in December in 5 times) for those who trades in bread in seaside capital. Officials assume that this measure will help to lower grain the prices in Vladivostok, which, by the way, today the highest in Russia.

as has declared Alexander Galushchenko, the chief of the department of the consumer market of administration of Vladivostok:

- Otherwise it is necessary to return rent rates on the place. It is very important question as consumer`s basket cost is great today. We assume that this decrease in rent rates will help to reduce the price of bread of percent on 20. By our calculations, it should cost 10 - 11 roubles.

However in Open Society Vladhleb - main and almost unique manufacturers of bread in Vladivostok - are assured of the return.

Alexander Golubchikov, the head a press - services:

- Vladhleb cannot affect bread cost in retail. At roznitsy the nakrutki. For example, in our firm shops bread Podolsk there are 14 roubles. And in other shops it can be and is more expensive. As to the cost price of our production it develops of expenses for raw materials, the electric power, water, gorjuche - lubricants... If the price on any of these components suddenly has decreased, also the cost price became less. But while becomes cheaper than nothing.

the Same who sells bread to townspeople, are ready to reduce the prices if rent decreases.

Elena Bajda, the director of shop Kind :

- If rent rates for the earth will be lowered to make bread cheaper for us, for example, quite really.

Igor`s NOVIKOVA Photo.