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Nikolay`s mayor has ordered to officials to learn history of capital of Primorski Krai

At its this thought has guided 10 - summer Sasha Smartly on which question - that such the Voroshilovsky battery - the mayor did not know the answer. Such is an unexpected result of the action ( for December, 29th, 2004 ).

At recent hardware meeting the mayor of Vladivostok Vladimir Nikolays declared that officials without fail should know history of own city. The matter is that on July, 2nd to Vladivostok 145 years will be executed. In honour of this nice event in a city guests of honour from Russia and abroad will be flown down. It is not excluded that somebody from them will take an interest in Vladik`s history and its features at a receiving party. Not to strike the person in a dirt, the mayor The one who is warned, armed! also has ordered subordinated to learn history of a native city. In the black list the mayor its assistants and heads of divisions have got.

it is justified - to an administrative board should know all. But nobody will force unfortunate to cram textbooks in the evenings. Officials will simply listen to a course of lectures on stories of a native city.

study will begin in April. To a post of the teacher have invited known regional specialist Nelli Miz. On weekdays it will come to the mayoralty and to tell golnuju the theory. And here on Saturdays of officials will take out to historical buildings of Vladivostok and to show all in nature.

by the way, Vladimir Nikolays any more for the first time tries to diversify boring bureaucratic life. The predecessor of Nikolaev Yury Kopylov has tested for subordinates only the form of pleasant pea colour. Vladimir Viktorovicha`s ideas amaze with the variety and refinement. In October of last year the mayor has taken part in track and field athletics cross-country We against drugs! . And not itself has flown three kilometres, but also has tightened to itself pair of tens employees of the mayoralty. That it was more cheerfully run. However, the most part sportsmen on a cross-country course it was dissolved in neighbouring shops and stalls. And in kreshchenskuju night with 18 for January, 19th the mayor was cleared of sins, valiantly having stepped in an ice-hole around Sports harbour. The chief in this business was supported by its assistant Yury Koren, the chief of a municipal government on protection of the rights of consumers Alexander Galushchenko and some drivers.


Vitaly Vakushev, the assistant to the head of city administration:

- I completely support Vladimir Viktorovicha`s initiative. The history needs to be known and studied. Especially if it is history of thy native city. Especially actually it before 145 - letiem Vladivostok.

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