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Feasting of winners

Victory in the Cup of governor Sasha Mihajlova has noted in a big way - the champion in cafe " boozed; the Olympian .

the Owner of the Cup of the governor, predictably, became 16 - the summer master of sports on Alexander Mihajlova`s rhythmic gymnastics from Vladivostok. For lack of the main competitor and the closest girlfriend Asya Habibulinoj it was above all on a head. To such degree above that has afforded in exercises with a tape to pass some elements.

Sashino performance has made on judges and spectators the most favorable impression. Judges have exposed to it the appreciation, spectators have awarded with its greatest quantity of soft toys (in their rhythmic gymnastics it is accepted to give instead of colours).

- Oh, and viscous this Sashka, - admired on tribunes of mummy of other participants.

the Champion feasted sublimirovannoj a potato.

- Oh, and naemsja now, - Sasha to the best girlfriends - to competitors Sashe Korotinoj, Lena Pipko and Light of Kononets has told after they have kissed the happy winner.

feasting on the occasion of victory has taken place in cafe the Olympian . The champion has come off on the full. The portion low-calorie sublimirovannoj potatoes has been washed down by a litre bottle low-calorie the Cook - koly lajts . And here chocolate batonchik Baunti and potato chips from a sin and the trainer far away Sasha has hidden on itself, as radistka Ket an encryption for Stierlitz. For infringement of a sports mode abuse not only football players, a leah know.

Foto Ljubovi KULIKOVOJ.