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Seaside gymnasts act under « Murku »

the Popular chanson in the people has sounded under the arches of the Vladivostok sport centre the Olympian on February, 13th during the Cup of the governor on rhythmic gymnastics.

Under this music eight-year Dasha Fedorets executed exercises with a hoop under the program of the first category.

it has not received especially large points for the performance, though and very much tried. But attention to has converted. Thanks n no small part to Murke (not bad, by the way, arranged).

- Dasha and why you have chosen this music? - we have asked the young gymnast.

is my trainer Svetlana Seleznev has chosen, - the girl has responded.

- and you know, what is this music?

- I do not know.

- and a word Murka to you about something speaks?

- about what.

One pleases - in Primorski Krai the generation of the sportswomen who are not knowing that such " grows up; Murka .

- I, to tell the truth, did not think of words, when chose this music, - Svetlana Seleznev admitted the trainer of the sportswoman. - simply the melody is pleasant To me. Vigorous and the mood lifts. For girls we are more senior, of course, we choose repertoire more seriously.

And here is how has commented on performance of Dashi the main judge of competitions of Alexander Osipov :

- I never would take as support such music for the pupil. But time Dashin the trainer has counted, what exactly this music approaches for the sportswoman, means, it had on that reasons. In rules of competitions makes a reservation that music should be integral (not the potpourri), without pauses and extraneous noise. From this point of view no infringements existing.

Foto Ljubovi KULIKOVOJ.