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The taxi driver « tormoznuli » predators of its own apartment

Michael has learnt things loaded into a car and has brought thieves to itself on firm where with companions has braided them.

Business was at night, in city centre of Ussuriisk. The taxi driver Michael Efimchenko came back to base - passengers were not, so - it is time to go home. However on a crossroads of two streets, Gorkova and Ussuriisk, the taxi driver tormoznul the guy of years 25:

- the Chief, postoj minute. Now a companion with things will approach...

a companion has appeared quickly. Whether the vagabond, whether the alcoholic who earns additionally the porter - it has been from top to toe imposed by bags, bales and the Korean TV.

Michael left to help the poor creature to ship all belongings in a luggage carrier. Also has suddenly noticed on the back panel of the TV the torn label with a firm logo Samsung . Has suddenly remembered, how three days ago unsuccessfully tried to tear off the same label from the brand new TV. During this moment of Michael pereklinilo from the gushed suspicions: Instead of a leah wash it the TV?

Michael removes a cheap closet in a private sector. This area - Mecca for local vagabonds and ljumpenov, wooden houses trading in a robbery, while owners on work. Calculate vlet - does not bring down a smoke from a pipe, means, the house is not present anybody.

Misha, hardly saving calmness, has at own risk decided to bring clients... To the house to check up. Today he remembers:

- Guys at once zadergalis, type you, a goat, not go to that party. I have linked teeth not to break ahead of time. Suddenly after all coincidence - the similar TV, all of them of one stamp identical is simple. And has approached on the house, has seen an open entrance door, and all became clear. Also I have noticed not at once that one of these freaks flaunted in we wash a down-padded coat, I personally for 800 roubles bought it from Chineses...

As soon as suspicions have proved to be true, the taxi driver has decided to go va - bank - has sharply pressed gas, was then developed, and in 10 minutes it together with a grief - gangsters has appeared under windows of office of the native company.

pilferers were nervously picked in a nose and scratched napes, but questions did not set. In a court yard of office of the company Michael has parked near the car of the colleague to which has explained a situation through an open window. And here, as by request, one for other steels to be tightened and other cars with shashechkami . Swindlers have tried to hit in races. In vain it they... Up until that time anybody and a finger has not touched them, though Michael admitted:

Simply it would be desirable to kill, when has understood that these reptiles have exposed my hut .

flight Attempt has been stopped immediately and rigidly by colleagues of Mishi. Mutilations have not put, but have rumpled aloud. By the time of arrival bodies thieves - losers have been already reliably bound hand and foot. Thanks the taxi driver in which luggage carrier the linen rope as the angered people were ready to immobilise swindlers by means of towing cables was overlooked also should tell.

Alexander Gritsenko.

the dress dorozhno - patrol service of GAI of Ussuriisk has appeared the Nearest to arena of events by militiamen. Ensign Alexander Gritsenko crafty smiles, telling:

- We about church were on duty, when to me on the cellular have called and have told about this incident. At once also have rushed, to us crime disclosing is absolutely not out of place on service. And here, consider, gotovenkoe. We approach on office on Amur. And there kasatiki smirnenko so in a snowdrift the fixed have a rest. We and did not begin to untie them. Handcuffs only have put on for reliability. They have hopped to the car. And to take seat in salon we it have helped - have tightened under mikitki. By the way, children quiet have got, did not resist, did not use foul language at all.

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