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Robbers have shot collectors and have carried away 2 million roubles

One employee is killed on the spot, the second is wounded. The plan " is declared; Interception but experts doubt that this business will be opened without delay.

the Scene as if from the Hollywood thriller has occurred at midday in the face of set of people on steps of a building of DalNIIS (Far East scientifically - research institute of building) in the street Borodino, 14.

1. a movement Route inkasatorov with money.
2. the Car of collectors.
3. Sleeves from a TT pistol. `>
the Dark blue silhouette - possible so raspologalsja the predator with two pistols.
1. a movement Route inkasatorov with money.
2. the Car of collectors.
3. Sleeves from a TT pistol.

From a building where besides the scientific research institute tens various firms and the organisations settle down, two collectors took out a bag with money. When men went down from a porch, from the imperceptible brimstone parked nearby Corollas approximately 1989 of release two unknown persons in masks have jumped out. One of them from two hands has started to shoot from pistols on collectors, at this time its accomplice has picked up a bag and has rushed with it to the car.

the Killed collector.

One of collectors has snatched out organic PM, however to use it was not in time - has been killed on the spot. The bullet has got to it to a chest. It has failed on last step near to the car. Its colleague has got wound.

attacking instantly have disappeared - in their car the driver waited.

- all has occurred for few seconds, - the security guard of a building Sergey tells. - I wanted to rush for criminals, but simply was not in time. And now I think: and it is good that was not in time. That I did unarmed against murderers with pistols?

the Sleeve from a TT pistol.

Shooting has occurred in the face of set of people: security guards from watch of a building, visitors. Besides near to a porch stood the car first aid called shortly before an attack for the visitor to whom it became bad. On this fast also the wounded collector has been taken away.

in half an hour to a touch place there have arrived police officers who have begun scene survey, gathering veshchdokov and poll of witnesses. Criminalists have found out seven sleeves, presumably from TT pistols.

the Sleeve from a TT pistol.

It was found out that in a bag with money was approximately 2,3 million roubles . On one of the versions, attacking operated on navodke someone from employees of the firm which have lost money.

In a city the plan " has been entered; Interception however it has not brought results. The killed collector was the ensign of militia, the employee of private security of the Department of Internal Affairs. It is remarkable that collectors were without bullet-proof vests . In this situation they could rescue them.

competent opinion

Sergey Musin, the deputy chief of Vladivostok branch Rosinkas:

- Suffered - not our collectors. In Vladivostok it is officially authorised to be engaged in collection only to two structures - to Rosinkasu and collectors of the Savings Bank.

our people are necessarily supplied with bullet-proof vests and the weapon up to automatic, they go by special vehicles. However there is a set of security structures which are engaged in collection polupodpolno and cannot provide to the employees of everything that is necessary. Here and result...

the File

For the last half a year it already the third large attack on collectors and security guards.

on August, 7th, 2004 in the street Flat, 65 two unknown persons have attacked security guards of the private company Ringo - Service collectors executing function. One of security guards has been wounded, robbers have grasped a bag with 15 million roubles.

on November, 1st, 2004 have been killed the three security guards guarding the safe in the company Akvaresurs - a system in the street Kalinin, 4. The safe has been stolen through the broken wall, in it was about one million roubles.

later two weeks the Office of Public Prosecutor of Primorski Territory has informed that this robbery is opened. The attack was prepared by six persons, four from them are detained. The safe have found, however money in it has not appeared.

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