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At shop opening « Rublik » « grind for 5 minutes

to Get in new shop on Ullise all is possible almost: from bread to toys and even favourite really national feast in this microdistrict Ullis was not for a long time.

Opening ceremony Rublika has passed the day before with the big scope and on - russki it is cheerful.

In new shop Rublik it is possible to buy not only products, but also favourite

the Shop has settled down on Ullise, around a bus stop Miners to the address: street of Communards, 36. It is impossible to name this area neither sleeping, nor administrative. Therefore that on opening of new shopping centre has come so many buyers, became for all pleasant unexpectedness.

In an all-prize lottery have won all!

Having entered into shop, people got at once on draw of an all-prize lottery which spent . Each, bought fresh release of the newspaper, has received a gift.

it is remarkable that on this action took 60 copies of the newspaper. It was supposed that this quantity will suffice on all fans of the fresh press. Alas, this time we have miscalculated. Both prizes, and newspapers have ended in 15 minutes. Such agiotage it was difficult to present, in turmoil someone from buyers has broken even the handle lototrona. But it not the main thing.

Elena Epanchintseva and its grand daughter Anzhelochka.

that were glad to this event all is important. Local residents have told that such shop was necessary to them for a long time. As in it huge assortment: There is also basic foodstuff, such, as bread - meat - milk, both elite spirits, and expensive sweets, and also vegetables, fruit, household chemical goods and even toys and souvenir production.

Elena Epanchintseva and its grand daughter Anzhelochka, local residents:

- We are really glad that we had such shop. It is good that in it besides other there is a baby food, juice, squashes, We waited for its opening from last week.

Natalia Solnyshkova.

Natalia Solnyshkova, the director " Is full of optimism and ; Rublika :

- you know, many businessmen are afraid to open shops in such remote areas. Here the bad road, is not present the large commercial enterprises, apartment houses not so it is a lot of. But we were not frightened. The first shop Rublik we have opened in November of last year almost in the same microdistrict to the address: street of Kalinin, 285. Trade has gone well.

are assured that here too all will be good. As we are not going to lift up the price. Public here rather poor, therefore bread will cost, for example, as at manufacturers - 14 roubles . The surcharge on to a milk - only 15 - 20 percent.

The Shop works round the clock, and in microdistrict it is a little similar shops. Now readers can get fresh release favourite directly in shop instead of to search for it on news-stands. As in Rublike it will cost cheaper - all 5,5 roubles - daily release - and 7,5 roubles - the fatty .

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