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Who will pay journey on treatment?

- who will compensate to the exempt the price for the ticket from Vladivostok to Moscow (the invalid of the first - the second group). The railway ticket now costs 6 thousand. Under the law on veterans it is necessary to us 50 - a percentage discount, and to invalids journey of times to year free of charge.

Galina Nikolaevna, the invalid
(the question is set by phone).

- I am an invalid of the second group. It was converted into department sotszashchity with a question: Who will pay journey on treatment? to me have responded that it is necessary to pay for journey most, because instead of free journey to other city now monthly payments. And have still told that if will give a vacation package in sanatorium to go there too it is necessary at own expense. And earlier it was free. So have explained: to you have given out 550 roubles, here and go for a drive . Yes it is ridiculous. The one way ticket from Luchegorska to Vladivostok costs almost 500 roubles...

Vera Aleksandrovna of Zhdanov, settlement Luchegorsk
Pozharsky area.

the Answer: To a question of readers has responded a press - the secretary of Seaside regional branch of Fund of social insurance of the Russian Federation Tamara JASENKOVA:

- If the exempt receives a vacation package on sanatorno - resort treatment in system sotsstraha, to it will necessarily give out the coupon on which it will receive the free ticket or for the long-distance bus, or for a train there and back. and here with journey on treatment on a medical institution call confusion from - for imperfections of the legislation has really turned out. the Right to free journey to a place of treatment like also have not cancelled, but in the new law have forgotten to write, who should pay it: bodies of social protection of the population or bodies sotsstraha?