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In explosions in warehouses TOF in Taiga it is guilty kontr - an admiral

Ivan Moiseenko have sentenced to corrective works for 6 months. Warehouses have rumbled on the night of July, 13th, 2003 from - for delivery of poor-quality smoke minutes

the Scandal story with explosion of warehouses with ammunition of Pacific fleet in settlement Taiga has ended in military court of the Vladivostok garrison. Chief URAV (Management is rocket - artillery arms) TOF kontr - admiral Ivan Moiseenko is recognised by guilty in the unfair relation to the service, entailed heavy consequences .

In this summer residence there was a shell direct hit.

Warehouses have rumbled on the night of July, 13th, 2003. More than days blazed a fire, mines and shells were torn without interruption, without allowing to come nearer the fireman to the kindling centre. The situation was aggravated with that in five hundred metres from storehouse the housing estate settled down. In five o`clock in the morning, having caught the first explosions, people jumped out from houses who in what slept, and sought safety in flight. Fortunately, has killed nobody. But which - whom from summer residents has touched with splinters of shells, others were cut window with glass. In many small houses povyletali the glasses, one has been completely destroyed by a shell direct hit. Owners, truth, already had time to leave it by then...

And to these summer residents povezdo - the splinter only has hurt a slate roof.

summer residents find Splinters of mines and shells on the sites till now - how much precisely cars of ammunition were lost on fire, it is not known till now.

all on business passed 109 victims demanding monetary indemnification from TOF. 34 persons have sustained various injuries (everything, except one, - civil). The others demanded indemnification for the hurt motor vehicles (26 pieces), the glasses which have taken off in houses and mental cruelty.

- I sent in the Taiga daughter that it could earn additionally a little for a summer, - one of victims, Svetlana Malysheva tells. - Certainly, we did not expect that there can be a such. Fortunately, we have not suffered physically, the only thing that we have lost, it is one thousand roubles which I have given to the daughter with myself. And to earn a daughter has managed very little - something about 250 roubles. In the statement of claim I have specified a material damage in the sum of 1000 roubles and very much I hope that to us will return at least this money.

Under the initial version, in all summer residents were guilty. Say, plaid about fireworks and one of the Chinese rockets has unintentionally flown on a warehouse, has got into ventilating mine, paternal a warehouse and has lighted up. However the further investigation of military Office of Public Prosecutor TOF has shown that civil here at anything.

It was found out that shortly before explosions in Taiga ammunition from warehouses on Snow was taken out Fall in Vladivostok. Responsible for export has been appointed kontr - admiral Moiseenko. Before export ammunition followed sort and become unfit for use to send on recycling. It it has not been made, and together with the others on a warehouse smoke mines of 1981 of release have got also. They - that also became a cause of the fire...

under our data, kontr - admiral Moiseenko has already written the official report about resignation. The court has sentenced it to 6 months ispravrabot. It means that, having arranged on a new place, Moiseenko will be obliged during half a year to pay to the state on 10 percent of the salary.

The Court has satisfied all civil suits to TOF about mental cruelty indemnification. A leah will be to collect, in turn, fleet money from an admiral, it is not known.

Igor`s KONJUHOVA Photo.